The Snail's Computer Science...

in life •  19 days ago 

The Snail decided to be Wise,

And in His proffessional Career to Rise,
To Learn Computer to learn Piano Fine,
And to Stand in the Very first Line.

The Snail took his house & went on a Trip,

He was doing a plan Sip by Sip,
He was travelling all Along There Here,
And He didn't find His peace Anywhere...


But His House was with Him,

So was Happy & Dim,
Trying to make the World Better,
He became Trandsetter.


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Cool poem. I'm sure children can find it really fun. It has the musicality of children's rhyme.
Trendseteer, that's a new word for me. I guess it can be easy if we carry our home with us. Not very easy to success when people feel uprooted and adrift.