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The story below looks like science fiction. Why ? Because passed pathway turned into true realization turned one lost life, into life fullfilled with endless hapiness & virtue. Positive karma that was spent made one life ugly but positive impact of God's Servant, turned the same life into pure excellence.


Why ?
Because, God actually His Servant made it that way. In this story can believe ONLY that person that was stuck in his ugly life, tried everything to solve his problems & never succeeded with anything he tried & now is prepared to surrender to God.

Why the love for the Guru or Spiritual father cannot be understood many times ?

Guru (/ˈɡuːruː/, UK also /ˈɡʊruː, ˈɡʊər-/ ; Sanskrit: गुरु, IAST: guru) is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" of certain knowledge or field. In pan-Indian traditions, guru is someone more than a teacher, in sanskrit Guru means the one who dispels the darkness and takes towards light...

The Guru is an ancient and central figure in the traditions of Hinduism. The ultimate liberation, contentment, freedom in the form of moksha and inner perfection is considered achievable in the Hindu belief by two means: with the help of guru, and with evolution through the process of karma including rebirth in some schools of Hindu philosophy.
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Guru mostly reffers to Spiritual father the one that will show us the way to serve God and clean our karma. That's why the Guru is important.

Most of us are truly surprized by the happenings in their lives, always asking themselves: "Why those things happen to me?" People forget their Origin and their Creator & start be entangled by the illusion that throw them far away from the Creator...


Everything that is written here is truth. When I found my Guru, my Spiritual Master many things changed in my life. My ugly karma, changed. Why ? Because our friend & my Guru told me to serve God. In that way, I can do something with my life & change all those misfortunes.

I had nowhere to go & I listened and by Serving, the things truly changed.

Few years ago, we got stuck in problems. Those problems were always there, no matter how much we have tried to solve them. Nothing helped.

One day, I met the devotee that helped my husband get better with his health. As I had nowhere to go, I asked him, what should we do to change our karma?
He said: "You need to do only few things & than only few more..."

When I asked him, what are those things, He said: "Immediately, stop eating meat & on those special Ekadasi days don't eat grains & different kinds of beans"...
"Aand, I asked?" - further more.
"Start Serving God - Your Creator, More !" - He answered.

I didn't understand anything and I asked: "God, how can He help me ? And how meat eating has a connection?"

"God is Creator of everything, even our souls are part & parcels of Him. He created everything, even the laws of good & bad, the laws of karma. As You seed in that way, You will reap. If He created the Laws by which You entangeled in this ugly situation, He knows the way, how You can clean that, You just need to Serve Him. And You can't serve Him by eating killed flash, so called meat. There is no positivity and making good karma in eating, killed corps." - He answered.

I had nowhere to go & I did all what he said.
Stopped eating meat, started following Ekadasi days & even doing other austerities & giving donations. I started visiting local Temple & gladly following their lectures.

I also started visiting local Temple & started gladly following their lectures. The lectures were very good. I was surprised, how they could explain many things, with simple words. Even the connection with God was very simple & obvious. Nothing complicated to understand. Normal connection with our Creator. My proffession was motivating people to change their life on better & I was astonished, how in this God's Temple, I heard the best lessons on this matter.

Still, I didn't understand, how my not eating meat, fasting on Ekadasi & making other austerities can help me, but I didn't stop. I decided to be persistent.

Than, one day, I asked my husband's friend & devotee: "What more I should do to speed up the process?"
And He said: "Donate something to some Auspicious person ! "
I asked, which one: "He said, it can be my Guru Maharaj".
"Ooh"- I said. I didn't believe anything, but as I didn't have anything to do, I listened.

I donated money & the first days nothing happened, but after that, in one day many positive things happened and I was fully surprised. Oh, this is a sign from God, I should proceed further with my activities. I should serve more & in that way, I will satisfy the Creator of Law of Karma & the things will change. It was logical.

They said to me that all we have is His, belongs to the Creator & depending on Your good or bad karma, You will have a chance to use it or have it.


It was not easy, but I proceeded further...

One day, I went in the Temple & there was a lecture from Somebody on the screen. They said, it was some special day. I listened the lesson on the big screen & it totally hypnotised me. That man was speaking so fluently, so nicely that I stayed sticked. He spoke about God, our relationship with God, our life and it was sooo Excellent.

Very simple explanation. The Relationship with God as our Creator was so simply explained & so easy to understand, that I couldn't believe. I listened to many Business Motivators & I have never heard such Motivation. It was so well explained & easy to understand. I remembered that person, I remembered the speach.

After, some time, service & not eating meat, one friend told me, some Maharaj was coming as a guest in the Temple. I still didn't understand much, but of course I went there to listen to another gorgeous Lesson of Life & God as "I became addicted" to their extraordinary lessons. I didn't know, who will speak, I just knew, it was "Maharaj".

When He entered the room, I couldn't believe, Woow, that was the Man from the big screen. Alive, not through video. I was very excited, I couldn't believe, I stayed glued to listen all what He said. That was such an experience as I met "My Favorite Film Star". Wonderful.

The very same day, I found a contact to write a Word of Gratitude to Him for such an Inspirational Lesson. Of course, I didn't think that I would get an answer but I DID. TWICE. HE HUMBLY THANKED ME FOR THE KIND WORDS & HUMBLY ASKED ME, to help the community to grow, so more people become GOD Conscious, Virtue Conscious.

I couldn't believe, such a humble act. Ooh, My God.
That was My Guru, that was attachment that cannot be explained.
That is Love, maybe few can understand but the real ones will believe.

The ones that will believe, They will be saved...I believed, I followed, I served, I still serve & somehow huge troubles really lowered & I started swimming in better waters.

Oooh, that was the way, that was The path to Solution of My Problems. I hope, I never forget, doing that Again & Again.


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We call our teachers here a "Guru" and spiritual leader as servants of God. @tatjanastan but I believe that if we do good to others than goodness will come back to us.


Hare Krishna Dear Mam.
You win my heart after writing this post and I am feeling blessed that I born in a Hindu Family, it's really an awesome experience for me.

Thank you again.



Teachers are more important in our life,Teachers play important role in our life to become successful in career and business. A good teacher helps us to become good human being in the society and good citizen of the country. Teachers know that students are the future of any nation,Thanks for sharing this valuable post sir,



I can feel your joy reading the publication, I am not a Hindu, but I will take the pleasure of commenting.

Still, I didn't understand, how my not eating meat, fasting on Ekadasi & making other austerities can help me, but I didn't stop. I decided to be persistent.

The austerities are about self-control, about not letting yourself be carried away by temptations, impulses, vices, maybe you don't see it that way when it is only meat what to avoid eating, but having austerity practices will help you in your day to day to resist to any bad influence, so that you can avoid doing those things that only bring momentary pleasure and long-term suffering.

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Wow! very nice post my dear. Thank a lot......for this