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RE: Why some people should never have children!

in #life3 years ago

I have dear friends who can't have children and they will make the most amazing parents, luckily they were able to adopt but it is in time like these, when reading articles like yours @giantbear that I think again how unfair it is. some people who will make amazing parents can't have kids, but then there are those who don't even know how to parent and they have a lot of kids.


Hey Tanya. Very true. If I just look at @sweetpea here on Steemit. She is the most wonderful mother of a little boy and that child could not have asked for better parents. It is sad but at least her baby found a great mother...I believe firmly that a child will find its way to them in some way. Some people are just meant to be parents...even not biological but I personally don't see a difference between biological and adoptive. Same difference as long as the child is loved and cared for. I hope their baby finds them soon. xx