The Lonely moon - Tamsguitar Originals (Rough track)

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The Lonely Moon

Solitude turned into loneliness can destroy you. Solitude turned into aloneness can uplift the soul to a different level.
Although we are going through a hard time yet most of us who will survive will learn to accompany ourselves and that's the greatest blessing a disaster can bestow upon us.

In the face of death everything crumbles and falls apart and bringing the human race to their knees Mother nature takes control time an again. The rich and the poor becomes the same and walks hand in hand to their grave shedding all their differences.With the passage of time we will realize this is a war, a war against ourselves our conscience as we face ourselves
head on standing naked in front of a mirror.

Life will gradually gravitate towards finding a deeper meaning n inner light shedding its age old expensive attire meant to hide its inner darkness. The concept of fake happiness that society taught us for ages will fall apart in a wink of an eye And eventually we'll have the courage to walk alone and the will to happily lend a helping hand to those who can't.

This piece of music was casually recorded many years ago as a scratch track so that i don't forget the idea. Now I suddenly found it again in 2020. The moon has always been a symbol of romance and it's different aspects like the mesmerizing beauty you fall for or the hurt and joy and the loneliness. The essence of this piece is to portray the cry of a lonely heart as it stares at the moon on a full moon night and craves for the company of its lover.

If the haunting sound of my guitar tears you apart then just close your eyes and listen, as you take a walk down the memory lane, be hopeful or just let go and smile. And if by any chance you are able to walk in the shoes I wanted you to walk in then probably I wrote this song for you and this incomplete piece of music becomes complete like the full moon and it belongs to you now and forever.

Stay strong! Stay Safe! and stay at Home.