The largest zamindari of Bengal abolished

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The destruction of the largest zamindari of Bengal happened after this one-hundred, five-storey and tenhall settlement. The zamindari was of Rani Bhabani's queen Bhabani. The expansion of the zamindari was in almost half of the country. Company Revenue collector James Grant has said - "Rajesahy, the most unwieldy and extensive zemindary of Bengal or perhaps in India". He gave half a million taka of his huge zamindari to the Nawab government, and used to spend half the amount of public welfare and religious work. He used to give money to his credit. In the misery of the oppressed, the scholarship and the scholarship in scholarship. His charity and scholarship stood in the Bengali country. He never deposited anything for two days. In the step of the sixteenth day, when the rent was lost due to the people, a mahal and a pargana emerged after one of his zamindari. The opportunists betrayed them to capture them. Those who were helpful in the wrecking of Warren Investigations, they are the elf ahead. By purchasing parts of the zamindari of queen Bhabani, they established a dynasty. Kant Babu, who helped the victims of plundering the wealth of Chait Singh and for which he had received part of it, established the Kashimbazar dynasty, Gangogovinda Singha, the dynasty of Paikpara, the rogue goddess Lion established the dynasty of Nasipur, and even the queen Bhabani established her dewan daram Dighapatiya dynasty In the end, Rani Bhabani became so poor that he had to depend on the company's monthly salary of one thousand rupees. In order to perform his supernatural activities, his relatives had to go to the English company. The polymorphic vaccine was given to him.

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