60 - year - old high school girl【English translation of past articles】

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Hello, steemit!

How a couple of days ago, I met a 60 - year - old girls high school student!

She continued to work with insurance sales, apparel, and in private, grandchildren were born and she said that it is very fun now.

Last year, she finally quit my job (not retiring), she was living with unemployment insurance while working part - time,
"I will try taking a vocational training school!"

she told suddenly.

What is vocational school?

Roughly speaking, you can acquire qualifications while attending school, and get professional skills. There are also cases where unemployment insurance is paid during that period.

This woman took the school which can learn about pottery. and she got through the examination.


A 60 - year - old girls high school student was born.

I said "you are a 60-year-old girls high school student"

Then, "What you say lol!"

By the way the surrounding students are from 20s to 60s! !

In japan, they say

"Exercise from 60"

---- means that It is never too late to start anything.

I would like to cheer her brilliant start.

see you! !

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