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RE: Who am I? Entry to @surpassinggoogle's Steemit Untalented Contest

in #life4 years ago

Recover soon. Great the you didn't quit and yes, there is more to life and success than secular education and there is "school of life". Steemit opens new doors. You are into IT so overtime, i am sure you will start to peer into steem itself, perhaps even more. Your intellect was shown here. Vote is small cos too many entries and no voting power. Stylishly have been waiting for it to recover but it has not. There will be next time. Stay awesome!


Thanks, I'm doing good. Hopefully, the meds really kick in and beat the crap out of this disease. No problem with the small vote. Youve voted me enough and its only fair for others to receive your support especially the new ones.

Your contest really turned out well. The engagement is awesome!


Yes and you only need to see the top 3 comments and their threads

And more awesome entries are coming in!

The best part is, I can say that you've saved another life.

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