Treasure every moment that you have

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Treasure every moment that you have
A group of researchers in America have done a survey .

They asked a lot of people what their greatest regret is.

And according to the statistics they got, 75% of the people said it's that they didn't work hard enough when they were young and as a result they had achieved nothing.

Nowadays it seems popular for young people to deliberately stay confused and do nothing seriously.

That's really sad.

Youth is the most precious thing you have. And it's the most precious resource at your hand.

Stay busy when you are young. Fight as much as you can. Life is hard enough even if you try. Let alone if you don't.

Like what they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming.

Winter is coming for everyone, all the time.

This winter's name is Time.

Opportunites are for those who have prepared themselves.

Are you one of them?

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