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in life •  9 months ago

Its Official, I have no other job right now. The future is uncertain the ground beneath my feet is unstable and the roof over my head may not be there tomoro. I may be a compleat Idiot for doing this to myself but my life has taken a turn for the worse lately and this is the outcome that I have been given. I have to be greatfull that Steemit is here for me and the supportive people i have met in this community such as @fyrstikken @whatsup @seablue and so meny others. I am stepping into the unknown alone and I may be staying at the shelter holding my crypto for the price to rise. I have to say i dispise these places with there communal setup. They make you sighn waivers makeing you agree your property is not safe and they are not responsable for anything that you cant nail down. Oh, and the place is usualy filled with people freash out of jail who would not think twice about stealing a laptop for drug money.

I will keep producing content though the thick of this crypto dip and grab up as meny coins as i can. I will be the ritchest homeless transiant you will ever come accross. Steemit will hopefully be my key to a bright future!!

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Hey man just keep posting. I have only been working small side jobs but knowing I'm building up steempower and saving it kinda makes it alright in the end. Like I have a future.

Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. That's a hard decision your making to hold onto your investments instead of cashing them out during a rough patch. It will make the gains all the sweeter when the market turns around.

One thing I wanted to add. There's a great play on words available with, "no risk, no reward" and "know risks, know rewards". Feel free to use it if you like it.


thank you, Im happy and greatfull for you as a follower as well ajaxalot. wn should play another game of starcraft on Dlive soon.

Sometimes when things look a bit bleak and we don't "know" how things are going to work out and we accept that... it opens us up for the next great thing!