I don't Hide Myself from Others: I speak Truth

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I've been in the business of telling the truth for a long time. Now that I think about it, telling the truth is partly what allowed me to achieve the degree of success I now enjoy.

Talking about things like anarchism, psychedelic drugs, and my past experiences with the law have become my calling card, my modus operandi, and the essence of my personality.

I didn't get to where I am by hiding myself from others, lying to people about my views, or being disingenuous. I am not a politically correct person. I believe in the power of speech to change things for the better; to shift power from the tyrannical to the industrious. This is the pen over the sword; this is voice over bombs.

This is why I inevitably found my way into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and why the industry --- for the most part --- has welcomed me with open arms. It's an industry replete with rebels, visionaries, iconoclasts, and those who otherwise don't fit into the mold of mainstream, polite society.

With that said, I am not a mean person. I don't insult people, and I try my best to listen to other perspectives with an open mind. I am very forgiving of differing views and will even try to work with people who believe the opposite of me.

However, I have learned over the years that some people don't work well with chronic truth-tellers. They want everything to be PC and fit within a standardized codex of thought. Tragically, those people will clash with people like me. They will feel the buzz and flare of my courageousness and react with disdain and fear.

Unfortunately, I can't help these people overcome their dislike of me and their desire to fit into a box-like, fake society...but I can certainly do everything in my power to maintain my commitment to nonviolent communication. No matter what happens, I will do everything in my power to diplomatically resolve disputes and find middle ground.

That's all we can do, right? We cannot fix hate. We cannot force understanding. We cannot make people see clearly. We can only connect with them and show them love. We can only empathize with them and try to share our humanness.

It's my hope this trajectory will help more people awaken to the dignity and beauty of truth and the power it has to change the world for the better.

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  ·  10 months ago (edited)

This is very valid.

Knowledge-seekers who have broken free from the social propaganda and life-long indoctrination program have radically different fundamental understandings from thise who have not. People will literally invent lies and excuses to defend ideas that are not true, not valid, not moral, and most importantly, not their own. However, those who are eager to learn will pay attention, and those are the individuals who can be helped.

Hate and negativity suck - they imprison us in our own minds. Peace and positivity rule - they free our mind, body and spirit. Sadly, it takes most people a lifetime to figure this out.

I can't help these people overcome their dislike

So true. If people use you being this or that,( .........fill in a not nice name or karacter trait) as focus point, instead of reacting to what you are saying and what you mean with what you are saying, there is nothing you can do but move on.
No matter how much I do my best to describe things in an impersonal, general way.
People "read" all kind of things between the lines, and from their conclusion you can see, they see it as a personal attack or insult of some sort. Which, especially online, would take hours of typing to undo the impression they have made of you. It is not even possible i think if they already made up their mind, that you are such or so, and often I'll just let it rest.

Indeed structure conversation is a great option. Sometimes you do feel your banging you're head against the wall but the seeds are being planted. More and more people are seeing the alternative and embracing it and these discussion / debates really to inspire change even is at the time it painful. The hundredth monkey is close 💯🐒

Great post! Resteemed.