Life is too short to be upset

in #life2 years ago


Sometimes, for a better perspective of things, it's good to zoom out and look at the whole picture. When you are too caught up in the little details of everyday life, a step back can be revealing and can help you get more connected to the whole puzzle game, not to a more capricious piece that you can not match must.

Seriously now, life is too short to be upset that the vendor did not smile quite convincingly, or that the stupid guy did not get out of your way to the subway. To complain that it rains and that the shoes do not match with the skirt or you do not talk to someone dear because of some pride or reasons that you do not remember anymore. Life is too short to throw heavy talk to the left and right, as if you were an almighty judge.

When the one next to you is angry, you do not have to do like him. You do not have to let yourself crawl in the whirlwind of annoyance and be upset about the little details that are of no relevance in your life. After all, more than reality, our perceptions of it matter. If we transform any small inconvenience of everyday life into a catastrophe, how do we relate to diseases, accidents or other tragic events?

We are often offended by the shit that does not really matter, and turn them into real dramas, giving them huge proportions instead of treating them indifferently and not letting them affect us. Instead, let's channel our energies to the things that are important to us, to the people we love, and to our dreams that, with work and perseverance, can become reality!


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