When Your Subconscious Is Stronger Than Your Moral Guidelines

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" With great power comes great responsibility. "


The power of the subconscious mind is undeniable. And what do powerful entities do with their power? They most likely abuse of it. And often enough, without having your best interest at heart. Rationality and best of intentions can only go so far. When the content of your subconscious gets spilled into your life, you and you alone is responsible for cleaning up the mess. We too often mistake the surface for the bottom. Hence why we address symptoms rather than root causes, attack systems instead of the parties responsible for the reproduction of its dynamics.

Your diet is working, so long as cheesecake doesn’t show up. You commit to being faithful, so long as temptation doesn’t cross your path, or your genitals for that matter. But life is way too aware of your fallible tendencies, and it may just bring to you situations that may just pull you in the most contradictory of directions. Suddenly, your perceived sense of willpower flies out the window. Your ethical barometer may just alarm you that something isn’t quite right, but a nanosecond of wanting to break your inner moral code was all it took for your decision making process to take another turn.

Part time rational, full time emotional, the human mind rarely takes a moment of break to question its own existing patterns. Questioning the validity of our own actions gets simply marked out of the equation. Delusion and Denial are some of the easiest mind traps to fall into. And equally some of the hardest to get out of.

Who will save you from the dangers of your own mind?



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Thank you immensely 💖

I like the way you wrote this. It stroke me as assertive but compassionate, which is not an easy thing to do.

What you talk about is something I have meditated a lot about in the past three years. I have realized many things, but one, in particular, may add to your piece.

I started to read and listen to books about prisoner camps from the 20th century and things of that nature. Depending on how you read them, it can persuade you to pay more attention to what is going on with you.

The other thing that I have picked up and double down on is "truth" and "work"​ as a way to build character. Based on the notion that human beings are always at the mercy of being possessed by forces, we can't understand. And that character is necessary to keep those things in check.

Anyway, thank you for writing that piece; it touched me.

Your comment made my day. Thank you so much for having taken the time to write these sweet words to me. It means more than you know. 💜
Hope to see you around beautiful soul.

No problem :) I am sorry it took me long to reply. (still learning how to move in the site)

!tipuvote 2 :)

Thank you so much💚💚