The Importance Of Being In Touch With Your Emotional World

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" True emotional healing doesn't happen without feeling. The only way out is through. "― Jessica Moore


Emotions aren’t for the weak. Emotions are what makes us fundamentally human. They are the fuel of our own vehicle. To experience the full spectrum of emotions is a normal and healthy thing. On the other hand, what isn’t healthy is pushing children from a young age to hold their emotions in, be it anger, sadness, joy, etc. It is worth noting that most of the time, children act out and misbehave precisely because some of their emotional needs have not been met. Therefore by shutting them into their rooms we are in no way making them a favor, quite the opposite.

We all need a forum to be able to express how we feel, especially when difficult emotions arise to the surface. To create for our children a safe and comforting place where they can channel their very feelings without being judged is a gift that can create miracles. Contrary to popular belief, hiding one’s emotions or acting like nothing can get through us is not a sign of mental strength. In fact, it is unhealthy and is likely to damage us in the long run. What we repress will sooner or later leak into our behaviors and interactions with others or with ourselves.

It is beyond me that still to this day men are stigmatized when they express their very human nature by allowing themselves to feel. It’s as if vulnerability is seen as this thing to be avoided at all cost because it is a sign of weakness. To the contrary, it takes much inner strength to allow oneself to be vulnerable. When we send the message to our children that " boys can’t cry because it’s for the weak " – we contribute to making this world one inside which coldness is the norm. Maybe if we encouraged our children to voice how they feel on a daily basis, our society wouldn’t be one characterized by hard-heartedness.

What’s worse than experiencing trauma is to not be given any outlet to deal with the range of feelings that going through such a hardship elicits. Is it any wonder why so many human beings choose all sorts of unhealthy ways to deal with their pain? Because us, as a society, as a culture, have created this barrier against anything that has do to with the expression of emotions. "Keep your emotional responses to yourself" is exactly what makes human beings become heartless, numb, and choose to engage in destructive behaviors against themselves or others.

Emotional health is just as important as one’s physical and mental health. The importance of self-introspection can’t possibly be overstated. Emotions have a mind of their own, and to understand them, we need to be able to give ourselves the permission to feel them. Changing the cycle of "hurt people hurt people" starts there. A lot of what we do has to do with how we feel. To gain a deeper understanding of our emotions is to enhance our capacity to know ourselves better and thus improve our lives.


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I'm getting very emotional reading your post :-)

Aw! Are you really?💜
*beams with joy at the prospect of @onceuponatime taking his mask off:)

@onceuponatime couldn't keep a mask on if it was glued to his face!

And don't forget Nietzsche!
What did Nietzsche mean when he said "if you go to see a woman do not forget the whip"?
Romour has it that he was talking about feelings. Just sayin' LoL

@onceuponatime has feelings for @steemityourway?

As a boy, well at least the last I check I was, I can assure the world that it is OK for boys to experience emotions. We are conditioned both at home and in the world to not express them or let them get the better of us, but that blunts our ability to understand those emotions as well as be empathetic to other's emotions.

I fell in to this trap in my younger days. This strength that I was broadcasting to the world was by force field from the human experience. Now saying that, as I have aged, I have softened. I have grown wiser, I think I have at least, and more aware of what is going on behind the scenes in my brain. Not all emotion is beautiful. Some of the damage left from suppressing emotion might not heal to all for me to experience life with those lenses removed. But time passes, my age and the culmination of my life's experiences has let me know that is OK to be vulnerable. It is OK to let someone past the gates. It is OK to let people know the real you. It wont make a lesser person of you if you do.

Awww Chris! This is so touching and so beautifully said! It is absolutely ok to be vulnerable, to let someone past the gate and to show our truest selves ❤️ Even though I secretly still think that most ppl have hidden shitty malicious agendas, not everyone does:P

You’re a wise one that’s for sure!
Very few would be comfortable with the prospect of daring to look at what goes on behind the scenes in their brains.