''As You Start To Walk On The Way, The Way Appears''

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''Why are you so enchanted by this world when a mine of gold lies within you? '' -Rumi


Nothing like Rumi’s wisdom, is there? 💜 🔮
I hope this post finds you happy and well and having a wonderful long week end.

Philosophy is my middle name, and I love to think about life and reflect on how fascinating it can be.
We all have this idea in our minds of how we think our life will be one day.
Whether that consists in graduating from school to get our dream job, finding love, getting a house, building a family.
Ok I named the generally speaking ''typical'' scenario, but you get the point.
And life works in such a crazy and mysterious way, that sometimes, we look back one day and realize how different things turned out than what we originally planed them to.
Life does not always bring us what we want.
But they say that most of the times, it brings us to where we belong.

I guess this is how it is.
Life is unexpected.
It’s a rollercoaster during which you’ll ride the highest highs, just like the lowest lows.

The other day, as I was sitting with my therapist, I said to him ''But what’s the point? ''
I know there are no such things as guarantees in life, blame it on my pessimistic view of the world, (or maybe realist? Who knows) but I could not help but think (as an example), what is the point of getting married if I have seven chances out of ten of being in an unhappy marriage in the long run? (Because miss-statistics aka me, knows them all). To which he replied, that I did not have to construct my life based on these stats…. It is true….
But hey, I’ll leave that one for another time 😉

We all have a different treasure map within ourselves, and it will all guide us toward a different direction.
If there is one thing that consoles me, it’s that even though there is no guarantee in life, we have at least the power to make choices. (hopefully the right ones…)
I mean sure, I have 7 out of 10 chances of ending up in an unhappy marriage one day, but I nonetheless have 10 out of 10 chances to choose that someone. (and pray for the best 😉 )

''As You Start To Walk On The Way, The Way Appears''

That quote resonates deeply with me.
Many wise and older people I have encountered through life all told me that when they were facing severe crisis in their own lives, they had no clue to how they would make it to the other side.
They did not know how they would, but they took each day as it went, and in the end, they somehow made it to this day.
In a way, you can say that as they started walking, the way appeared.
You don’t know how you will get to the other side, but somehow, you end up getting there.


Somedays, life catches us off guard, and we get lucky enough to experience surprises at every turn.
But on other days, you realize that every minute is to not be taken for granted.

We are each on our own pursuit of personal fulfillment and happiness.

After having had a gratitude journal for the past 210 days, and having written inside it a total of 840 glimpses of happiness, I truly came to see how the most beautiful forms of happiness often come to us by surprise.

And the best part of it, is that while life is full of surprises, we are the best one of it.
And we may fail to remind ourselves of it sometimes, but we make the world a better place, simply by being in it.
Love you all guys 💓 💖
''Listen to your own truth…''


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Every journey begins with the first step, as we gravitate to what we desire the the road may be littered with obstacles and detours, as we make our way through it can be difficult to deal with some of the challenges, however when we look back we can see the path to where we stand was made as we walked it :)

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Thx you share your some life movement with all steemit. Its nice post and life is a gift of god so enjoy your life and if we get a chance for help any one than we go and help and suport him

Very impressive post.


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It's my Bangladeshi language


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Those Rumi quotes are so fascinating! As for finding love, it is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.. something like that~ 😘😉


I know right! Rumi is my fave quotes person!!