Happy 1st Father's Day to my husband

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We just recently become parents. As a first time father, my husband has done a fantastic job taking care of both baby and I during this critical period of time when we are vulnerable and required all the 'TLC' (Tender Loving Care).

Seriously, he knows nothing about childbirth and babies. Although he is sort of winging it (lol), he is trying his best and doing a very good job. I guess this is the power of love - with love, you can do the unthinkable.

Papa loves taking baby out for walks!

Baby loves sleeping on Papa's lap (oops, please excuse my husband's boxer, lol)

Below are a few photos from early this morning - I brought baby to papa who was sleeping, he grabbed baby's hand when he felt his presence and I captured the beautiful moment!



On his first father's day, I would like to wish this amazing man a Happy Papa's Day. He deserves all the happiness in this world, baby and I love him so much. I made him a little card on behalf of baby too!


Both my husband and I don't have close family like many others, this is why we treasure our own little family so much!!

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the fathers on Steemit a happy father's day.


Welcome to the hood (fatherhood😄) one of the most rewarding and terrifying adventures. These days that drag on now you will miss when they've passed, cherish each moment, and good luck dodging whiz.

Hey - hope you are enjoying your day. I totally get the terrifying part of parenthood you were saying.

We gave baby boy a bath today and both of us were terrified - because baby had bad diaper rash and the bath seemed to be very painful to him - we were terrified and we almost cried, lol.

And, baby boy out of the blue was pulling his own hair. He was in so much pain, he cried. We were terrified again, not understanding why he would pull his own hair?! After googling, we found out it's not uncommon for babies to do that (sigh).

For sure, it's a terrifying adventure. But you are absolutely right that it's also very rewarding.

Babies are just too damn cute and I would love to be surrounded by them, ha!

Gorgeous photos, sure the new Daddy had a great first father's day, enjoy your little family :)

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