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I understand your frustrations about labor. In my opinion labor is good, but only if it has been done to help eachother. Labor because you have to pay your bills is not helping anyone. Only 1% is getting better of it. What i am meaning to say is that money won’t let us do what is good for humanity. There can be a system without money where people can live and only work on ideas to improve the standard of the lifes of all people. In such a system there is no place for a 1% so it will be difficult to accomplish. 99% has to become 1 and when they are believing in a better system the 99% become 100%. Unity is the solution for equality

You don't understand definition of labor here. Here I retranslate from Hannah Arendt's Human Condition finnish translation.
Labor is human bodys biological process. Bodys spontaneous growth, metabolism and eventually decay are tied to those necessities that labor in life process produces. Labors condition is life it self.
Working touches human conditions that side that is not originating from nature and that is not limited human species alltime repeating circulation. Survival of specie does not supersede humans mortality. Work creates an artificial human created world, that clearly differs from natural envirovment. Each individual lives in this world, thats purpose is to pass all individual human lifes and live longer than them. Works condition is wordliness.

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Now i understand the way i have to read it. I am dutch so some words are difficult for me. I agree with you that human beings are not made to live in a society like we live. We have to go back to our roots. Nature offers everything we need.

I saw an interview with an indian chief. They asked him what he think about the white people taking in his place. The chief said...everyday i wake up...go to the river for a bath..go wife cooks lovely night we watch the stars and sing and my wife make love and i have no stress....White people came here and think they can inprove my system and he laughed haha

You got it excactly opposite way. My english is not perfect either, but what I am trying to put out here is that this labor is same for all animals, and therefore we should not embrace it, because what actually separates us from animals is this "artifial world", that work that makes us not to disappear truly after we die, and also getting things done is what separates us from animals. If only reason we wake up every day is that we get to work just because we have to "eat", we lose that what makes us different from animals. There are no individuals in animals, just species and races.

I agree but at the end we all make that choice. We choose to go to work. We choose to buy i have my own chicken and fresh eggs everyday. I grown my own vegetables. I work because other choice is to lose everything so its not a fair choice. And if i choose to build my own treehouse in the forest the government will get me out and throw me to jail. So yeah also if we wanna live as its meant to be they won’t let us do that

That is excactly were I have provided a solution with my economical-system! Or atleast it will be a nice step away from this "forced labor".

To make it more clear, I am against idea that sweating in it self is good. Idea that there is some kind of hidden value in sweating is ridicilous. You point that out in your original content. Also you seem to think I am an anarchist, that could not be further from truth. I wrote one big blog post about it. I admit that some of my first posts are rather low-quality.

I dont think you are an anarchist. My reaction is based only on my own thoughts about what i read. I didn’t read all your posts yet. I reacted on this because i promised but tonight when i have time i gonna read the rest of your posts.