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RE: The Positive and the Negative forces within

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Energies can definitely linger. I remember visiting the twin towers memorial in NY city and the “heaviness” of that site is so repressive its amazing. I wasn’t right for a day or so afterward.

As for the mind - that constant need to calm and quiet it from looking for ways to bring you down might just be your ego looking for a way to deter you from your heart. Don’t let that ego get the best of you ;-) it loves finding ways to take you off track and make you doubt yourself. Don’t let it...

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Oh my god what a sight it must have been. I remember such a thing happening to me when I was in Egypt. We visited one of the ancient chambers where they used to busy people. I just did not feel comfortable in that place and after I was back from the trip also for a long time I felt that uneasiness.