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RE: My experience with DMT

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Awesome! I read DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman and have always been very interested in trying it.. Unfortunately the closest that I came was trying Salvia..
But I described my experience of that if you want to check it out :D


I haven't read the book but have seen the doco by the same title. Great article! I had a chance to try salvia when it was legal here but didn't take up the offer because of stories I've heard about it.

Lol yeah my friend that has done books of L wouldn't even try, but was it explained anything like my experience?

I had the chance to try DMT once, but did not because I was too scared but actually had Salvia with me at that time.. I always heard the whole "cannon blast" and feeling of not being "alive" like as a human anymore

​Haha your friend sounds like me. Yes and no, your experience sounded like a mild Salvia trip [i think it comes in strengths, x20, x40 etc]. I was told that salvia is close in experience to DMT but salvia is a darker and more disturbing trip. I guess that's possible with all psychedelics but from all the stories I've been told about salvia I am yet to hear a very positive one.
"I always heard the whole "cannon blast" and feeling of not being "alive" like as a human anymore" - yeah that's pretty much how I experienced it. I remember walking around the gardens afterwards and seeing the beauty of nature and the world in a new light. A view that wasn't distorted by the human ego. I'm not the best at putting feelings into words but it was an out of this world feeling/experience.

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