Voting Thumbs Down on POTUS Veto

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Ah, if you read my recent post about not drinking political Koolaid, then you know that I don’t see any candidate as perfectly infallible, as some diehards do.

As noted, I am about speaking the truth; and how I perceive right and wrong; things I agree with, things I don’t agree with; thus the reason for this post.

Da wall…da wall…omg…Forgive me for saying it; but, I am sorta’ tired of da wall…

I get the need for border security. I get it. I get it.

But, all I can hear echoing in my mind is: “Mexico is going to pay for this big, beautiful wall.”

Okay, the wall is now a fence. I’m fine with that; as long as it serves the purpose it’s built for. Got it.

But, what I’m not getting is dipping into the military fund; and using veto power to build the wall.

So, when the vote is taken, I will be on the side of those on both sides of the aisle who vote against this use of funds.

There has to be a better way.

Now, what I, the armchair quarterback would do…correction…what I would have done was not agree to the Dem’s offer to only fund a small amount of the wall.

I would have let the government shut down again; but, the second time, I would have used the Omnibus funds to offer a secured loan to those who needed help paying their bills.

In other words, once the deal was made, and the government reopened, any monies that would have gone into an employee’s bank account would be funneled right back into the Omnibus fund.

I think POTUS blinked…lol…I don’t think he can rescind what he accepted; but, I sure wish he could. That bill he signed had so many loopholes that it should have been a ‘no thank you’ Trump-style.

Best regards.


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