Dems Still Have No Front-Runner Against Trump

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Okay, I’m not big on politics…lol…Okay…maybe a little bit.

But, I am more of an observer of the truth, than a no-faults found, Koolaid- drinking citizen when it comes to the political discussion.

To this end…oh dear goodness. I do believe the 2020 campaign has officially begun!!!…(lol)…

And, lol is exactly what many people did as they attended online-watch parties, specifically to hear POTUS speak at CPAC.

I continue to smh and smile/lol at his unleashed delivery; and, the energetic responses and applauds of the audience.

Now, let me say this. I didn’t watch him speak in real time. I watched after reading the headline that Bernie Sanders spoke in Brooklyn; and, learning thereafter that POTUS had spoken at CPAC.

But, I did watch the Brooklyn meet up first. I watched the preliminary speakers light a fire under the seats of the audience. They lifted their Bernie signs and chanted, “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…”

I personally had no clue in the 2016 campaign that Sanders has the background he has. He’s an indirect victim of the Holocaust. He is a huge humanitarian and civil rights activist.

And, as I listened to the pre-Bernie speakers, I thought, Oh-oh…Trump may have met his match.

Bernie Alert: If you are a Bernie fan you might want to click off here.

Okay that said, the Bernie crowd was fired up.

And then…And then, Bernie showed up…

Well, he showed up in delay which was the first hint that the timing of the speech might be off. I learned he stopped to shake a few hands on his way up; and the camera didn’t pan to that; so, it just looked like empty air space at the podium.

But, ah, at last, heeeeeeere’s Bernie.

And, the crowd was clearly glad to see him.

And then, he started reading from script about ‘poor’ people, and the plight of ‘minorities’ and suddenly it felt like he was stuck in a 60s time warp, pandering to the crowd.

Noticeably, the people staged on the risers behind him were mostly millennials and minorities.

And, I instantly had this ‘racist’ vibe. No, not from a negative stance; but, from a stance of it being all about race and the economically underprivileged; blatantly exclusive of Anglos.

Yet, I observed how the audience, out in the shivering-cold I might add, was predominantly older and Anglo.

And, it is here that I’m going to end the discussion on his speech; because, after about three minutes I was done. The delivery was filled with platitudes about fighting for the poor; and, I was reminded that he is so far removed from the everyday plight of the poor, that I had to click off. I was reminded of the $6M mansion he had built after conceding in 2016.

And instantly, I was reminded that there is not a single Dem-candidate, currently in line, who can win against Trump in 2020.

Instantly, I was reminded why the word impeach keeps floating to the top.

As of today, no matter the rhetoric, I believe that POTUS 45 is a shoe-in for 2020.

And, the shovels keep tilling the soil in an attempt to find dirt on his 'vitae'.

Latest news, we’re back at committees wanting to see his taxes; which made his speech very…oh…lol…’ll have to give it a description…I can’t come up with a feisty enough word.

Clearly, POTUS 45 was in campaign mode without campaigning.

But, in truth, I have to say, what makes Trump different than anyone else on the current list of Dems running for 2020 is his innate gift to hold an audience for two hours.

Honestly, and no disrespect intended; but, Sanders lost me at 2 minutes.

Now, I don’t want to end without pretending that a dark horse couldn't emerge. I’ve lived long enough to know to never make a bet without the risk of an upset.

But, barring the unforeseen candidate entering the race, I think it’s official. I later learned that these two men kicked off their speeches at the same time…one in the warmth of an auditorium full of supporters, and the other in the shivering cold of an east-coast winter.

Hopefully, there’s not an underlying statement in the latter.

I mean, which would you want: the warmth of the thermostatic heater or the bitter cold associated with the government-controlled socialist agenda?

The race has begun. May the best candidate win!


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Good article..I like your writing style.
I'll follow you.


I like your writing style.

Praise the Lord.


Btw, I see that you're a Mike Rivero fan...I'm a daily listener; and, enjoy Lady Claire on Fridays. To that end, I'll gladly reciprocate the follow!



Nice to meet you .. 👍

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