Someday Social Score Could Limit Internet Access

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Oh dear goodness. Imagine logging in one day and receiving an error message that your credit rating is too low to get online.

A very interesting post by @techwizardry has me thinking.

I was reminded of a Netflix drama, Black Mirror, showing a person’s credit status hovering in their personal space for everyone to publicly see.

The millennials in the room deemed it totally fictitious and bogus.

That was, until a few weeks ago when I showed them an article that this type of separation of powers, is making its way from China into the U.S.

So, let’s imagine these restrictions someday being signed into Congress.

How would you be affected?

Would your online business become defunct?

Would your social-media lifestyle dry up?

While it may be a what-if scenario today, don’t be surprised if some very dark day, you wake up to a government-controlled limit on the amount of time you get online.

Now that, self-described Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders has thrown his hat into the ring for POTUS 2020, government control will be a real possibility for dispensing essentials like everything from food to Wi-Fi access.

Hmmmm…I can’t help but acknowledge, all of this discussion reminds me of the most recent hardfork and RBCs…lol…

Not enough credits and you just can't fully participate in the blogging-for-crypto venture…

Ah…cest la vi…it tis what it tis…

What if China Really Owns the Internet?


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That is a wild thought honest never considered it till now

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That is a wild thought honest never considered it till now

With AI heavily involved in everything today, it’s very plausible.

Many would suicide out of shame…instead of accepting the shocking reality of it all.

Thanks for chiming in.


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