Media Suppression? NK, Guaido, R. Kelly, & Dollar Tree

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I don’t know about you; but I surmise that media suppression is on the rise.

I logged on today and not a hint of news about North Korea, Venezuela, nor way on the other end of the spectrum, R. Kelly melting down on national tv.

Smh…grim times if you let them be…rme…

Allow me a few minutes to speak on what my go-to non-alt medium (Gargoyle) failed to talk about.

Last night around midnight, reports started blaring that North Korea said to hay with the U.S., and had begun rebuilding its missiles. Of course, no one had any concrete facts of how long Kim’s been doing this; and, if it was before the Hanoi summit; but, they made sure that the full-of-holes ‘news’ was reported.

Personally, that’s going to play out the way it plays out. Life’s waaaaaay too short to worry about things you can't worry about. But, something tells me that Kim and Trump will be doing business deals long after he leaves office. Imagine someday there being a Trump Tower in Pyongyang…never know…

Next, didn’t hear a peep about what’s going on in Venezuela. Even YouTube, aka Gargoyle in vid format has said very little. You have to dig very deeply into foreign channels to hear any reports on what’s happening there.

Guaido returned from his rockstar jaunt without incident. Some rumored that Maduro would have had him arrested; but, the person in charge was far too smart to do something so ‘triggering’. Maduro realizes that he is the president; and, no need to react prematurely, with guns blazing.

And, last on the didn’t stay in the headlines for long, was the tragic interview of R. Kelly showing a side of himself most attorneys would have wanted kept out of the public eye.

I was reminded of the other #metoo old guys who took their walk of shame, paid their bail, and went back into their rich palaces without a peep…Weinstein comes to mind. He, wisely, will let a jury of his peers decide his guilt or innocence, and leave the deal-making to his attorneys; not the gotcha' media.

Unfortunately, I believe Kelly did the interview to cushion his financial woes. I wonder how much he was paid to make this media spectacle?

Sad story….smh…

He nodded yes, when he mouthed the word….No…..

He shook his head right to left, when he answered…Yes…every lawyer’s nightmare…

It'd be funny, if it wasn't so sad…

It wouldn’t surprise me if the complainants’ attorney didn’t pay for that interview…or some very rich person/group on the never-Trump bandwagon.

After all, this guy lives in, where of all places???....

TRUMP TOWER in Chicago.

The Dems/Deep State are saying, you make your dime off the little people from da’ hood, primarily Democrats, and dare line the pockets of a GOPer…Trump of all people?…

If he was setup, it most likely has zero to do with the four women in line to net millions. After all, he played pitbull with the ‘hand’ that’s fed him for the past three decades…jmho…

Update: Minutes after uploading this post, I learned that Kelly is back in the slammer for 'delinquent child support'. I suspect it's to keep him from committing more serious crimes if you can imagine...jmho...

Well, that’s it; but, I have to reiterate that it’s becoming more and more obvious that media suppression is on the rise.

As I end this post, I’m reminded that I didn’t even touch on the sad state of economic affairs for the little guy.

After that ‘fun’ CPAC speech, the grim news of major retail chains dropping like flies is not a good sign.

When you think about it, Family Dollar being the most recent, everything made in these stores is from China. Things from China are well made and far CHEAPer.

Yes, I know about their sweatshops; and before long, U.S. citizens are going to be taking on these sweatshop jobs paying off student-loan debts….just sayin’….too many people without jobs….and the more stores that close, the more jobs are lost….just a thought…

With all of these tariffs, stores which import most of their goods from China, can’t keep up. After all, you can only raise the price at the Dollar Tree by….oh wait…you can’t raise the price at the dollar store…smh…If Family Dollar fails, guess what business is next in line…

Nooooooooooooo…say it’s not so!!!!! Yes, the owners of Family Dollar, aka Dollar Tree.

Now, that could cost a POTUS his re-election….lol…


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