Rap Music Morality at All-Time Low

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...And, not too many years ago, the U.S. would have also. But, it was a time when morals mattered for the benefit of society.

Today, without warning, my heart broke to near tears.

And, the Spirit living in me brought me there, as I do believe Jesus wept.

I make no apologies for being out of the loop on secular music, nor what people, particularly women, are wearing ‘to the club’ these days.

But, as I read the day’s headlines, I saw that the Boston woman, celebrating her 23rd birthday, and allegedly kidnapped; was found dismembered in the trunk of a car.

I thought to myself, how gruesome. I looked at a bit of the surveillance video showing her last minutes before the alleged abduction; and, I couldn’t quite grasp what she was wearing. It looked like a top or jacket that ended right under her bottom; but, I didn’t see anything covering her legs which might be worn with such attire. I could see she was wearing high heels.

It looked like that was it; just the top; way too short to be a mini-dress; even too short to be a micro-mini dress. I hope I was wrong.

As I said, she met a gruesome end. The surveillance video showed her leaving with him; but, it was more like a scene of how a pimp might issue one of his ‘girls’.

She was walking in front of the alleged abductor; out of camera shot, and his hands were in his pockets.

Most professionals would tell you to take your chances and make a scene rather than just getting into the vehicle.

But, I am so far off topic it’s not funny; as this post is about all of the hoopla surrounding a recent Cardi B release with Bruno Mars.

I went against my saner mind; and allowed myself to click on and sit through the pay upfront 15-second ad, only to click off less than 10 seconds into this illicit YouTube video.

I almost literally fell out of my chair when I saw what the women were wearing, when they walked into the after-hours food joint, where a chef was stirring up some delicious fare for tacos. It was a mix of innocent-enough cooking food clashing with lewd attire.

There was a table full of guys hanging out, when Cardi B and her four ‘besties’ walked in, catching the eye of Mars.

Okay, it was hear that everything unraveled worse than the shreds in B’s stockings, underneath her way too short for public shorts. I was reminded that this was what hookers, in back-in-the-day cop scenes, would wear when loaded into the back of the patty wagon during round ups. Worth noting, the on-screen back-in-the-day hookers dressed far more conservatively...rme...

Obviously, I grew up in a different time not so many decades ago, when women didn’t show their goods for all the world to freely see.

Going to the club meant a stop-in for happy-hour after work; typically dressed in Sunday-best office attire.

Of course, happy hour remains the place where sad people go to seek fake happiness…just an aside.

But, in the demonic energy of recent years, it seems that the most successful female entertainers are those which look, dress, sing and act like hookers. Not cute; not good for them; and, even more so, the everyday girl on the block.

And instantly on seeing Cardi B enter, I thought about the woman found in the trunk of the car, dismembered. I recalled how young millennials can be very malleable to mimicking ‘entertainers’.

And, I thought how hell is a real place; because anyone given a public space, using it for satanic gain, will have a price to pay someday. They are literally selling their souls; and, barring repentance with petition for forgiveness, they are lost; no bones about it.

I’m going to end now. I am wearied.

Allow me to bring those of you who find this new release tantalizing via lustful behavior/seedy attire, to the point that you hope to mimic a highly guarded Cardi B, BE WARNED: If you glam up like a hooker, and dress like a hooker, don’t be shocked that you may reap the repercussions of a hooker.

I am not pointing fingers; but, too many young women cross over into the hooker lane; and, want to be treated with the respect of a demure lady.

I know looking the part does not give permission for one to be squawked at as a hooker. And, in a perfect world, that might be. But, the world is very flawed and some people blur the lines with animals. That’s as mild as I can put it.

I do believe certain behaviors/certain attire causes God to look away; as He can’t/won’t look on evil. And, when He turns away, a person delving in darkness becomes more vulnerable to the wiles of satan.

I tuned in (for those few seconds) thinking that I was in for an innocent boy meets girl song; but, omg…smh…rme…trying not to faint, as the lyrics spewing from B made me wonder…WHO LISTENS TO THIS FILTH???…and worse yet, how many mothers are singing this in front of their little daughters…(sadness is flooding back in).

Of course, we all live under the ‘but for the grace of God’ reality; but, I believe He holds those accountable, for the moral destruction of His children, young and ‘old’ alike.

Of course, I shouldn't be shocked; because, God forewarned that things would get worse as the end times drew near. Geez, is this warning ever ringing true (2 Peter 3:4).

Allow me a far out thought: Does this music fly in China? If it does, I suspect in the deep depths of the underground. In fact, a little research shows the answer is an emphatic NO! Please see the link below.

While we're chairing committees for this allegation, and that; America would do well to bring to scrutiny some of the obscenities affecting the moral fibers of society. Of course, I realize that won't float; so, it's left to self-scrutiny, and exercising parental strongholds for children who just want to fit in...rme...smh...

Cardi B Music Banned in China


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