RE: Where in the world is that loudmouth asshole, SirCork at?

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Where in the world is that loudmouth asshole, SirCork at?

in life •  3 months ago

We've never had much interaction before, but I recently arrived in the lovely Alliance, and as such got tagged and arrived here ;-)

It honestly read like a great emotional novel, but I do feel all the pain behind your words. I do despite the sadness that is very much real love it when people write vulnerably, and real, because in the end how much awesomeness we can share, only the story about you is the one no other person can write, if you know what I mean.

For me only personal stories are what makes it worth reading a post, sharing an upvote, getting into a conversation.

I wouldn't mind reading more about your ME TIME, and learn what creates value for you if you put yourself in the center again. It's a life long learning process, but it's the only one worth pursuing.

Good luck with it all <3

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Wow. Humbling. Thank you. Nice to meet you.