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When we were kids, we had such stupid childish games as: spraying the pedestrians on the sidewalk with water, hiding on the terrace of the apartment building, for example.
But I don't remember us doing things that really endangered the lives and safety of other people.


For several days I have been thinking about how vulnerable and fragile the living of people in every settlement is.


I have already told you about the peculiar and hostile people who live in the settlement in which we live. People with whom one cannot communicate in any way and on any occasion.
We have always tried to be polite and friendly. We continue to greet, even though we know 98% of the time we won't hear back.


I've also told you how many of our cats just disappeared and I now worry every day if a cat doesn't show up for breakfast or dinner.

But now I think that if these people really decide that they don't like us and don't want us in this settlement, they can very easily kick us out and nothing will be able to stop them. Neither the police, nor the mayor, nor any other law enforcement officers (because in this country nobody can rely on the authorities for anything).


Two nights ago our house was bombed.
With apples and quinces.
Don't laugh. Because it wasn't funny at all.
It all started after midnight and ended around 3 a.m. As the bombing stopped and resumed over a certain period of time.


We were lucky that nothing was broken - no window or outdoor air conditioner unit or other installation, nor were any of the cats hit as there was fruit even next to their food bowls.
But after each bombing we would go outside and walk the night streets with a flashlight, trying to understand what was going on.


Nothing was heard and nothing was seen. It was as if we were being attacked by ghosts.
The only thing we were able to determine was that it was coming from the house next door, which is across a lot from ours.


Of course, when we contacted the elderly representatives of this family during the day, they both told different versions of what happened. I guess they both lied to us in their own way. And we are just standing on alert now and await the next attack, which could be of any kind.

Thank you for your time! Copyright:@soulsdetour
steem.jpgSoul's Detour is a project started by me years ago when I had a blog about historical and not so popular tourist destinations in Eastern Belgium, West Germany and Luxembourg. Nowadays, this blog no longer exists, but I'm still here - passionate about architecture, art and mysteries and eager to share my discoveries and point of view with you.

Personally, I am a sensitive soul with a strong sense of justice.
Traveling and photography are my greatest passions.
Sounds trivial to you?
No, it's not trivial. Because I still love to travel to not so famous destinations.🗺️
Of course, the current situation does not allow me to do this, but I still find a way to satisfy my hunger for knowledge, new places, beauty and art.
Sometimes you can find the most amazing things even in the backyard of your house.😊🧐🧭|


I'm sorry to know that your house was bombed with apples and quinces from your neighbor during night time. Hope it will not happen again and everything will be okay. Stay safe!

I have experienced many strange things so far, but I think that was the strangest one that could ever happen. Yeah, I know, it could be far more strange of course.
I too hope this will not be repeated, but no one knows.
Thank you!

You're welcome! Take care, my friend!

Hmm.. Not very nice neighbours. Some people can be so nasty.

The problem is that people cannot feel safe even in their own homes. Everything is so vulnerable. Every day it is on the news how criminals (usually Roma) break into old people's homes, beat them and rob them. Well, we're not old people. We can definitely defend ourselves, and I did not expect such a thing.
The story has not yet been unraveled - who were these people in the first place. We call the case "part of the local mysteries" because for now these hooligans are just ghosts without names and faces.

I wouldn't feel safe living in such an environment. Take care and keep safe!

I'm sorry for reading this nasty story...

But why should especially these neighbours (and no other people from more distance) attack your house? Is there any reason or suggestion?

The one version of them was that these were some young friends of their granddaughters, who came this night for a visit. The other version was that these were some unknown boys, probably coming from another settlement (during night and doing this on regular intervals? - I doubt it)
We actually came to the conclusion that this was coming from the neighbors themselves, when they told us these two different stories separately. I don't believe them. Especially the second one.
And why exactly these neighbors and what their reasons were, I cannot really have any idea. It's too insane and too strange to even try to think about it.

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