Prithula Daughter of Bangladesh

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Social network Facebook praised the bravery of the US-Bangla aircraft`s pilot Prithula Rashid, WHO died in on weekday within the air crashed in national capital.

Sikkim traveller, a Asian nation group`s Facebook post aforesaid that a minimum of ten individuals of Nepal survived, attributable to her knowledge. during this post, Prithula is named Daughter of Bangladesh for her valor.

It conjointly says that She came forward to save lots of passengers life by sacrificing her life. several Facebook users in Bangladesh share this post and its infective agent at on-line.On Monday, the plane left Dhaka and lost management at Tribhuvan airfield in national capital at 2:20 pm.
At least fifty one individuals were killed because the US-Bangla Airlines craft crashed and burst into flames whereas landing at Tribhuvan International airfield in national capital on weekday afternoon.

Twenty-eight Bangladeshis, 22 Nepalis, and one Chinese subject were killed within the deadly crash.

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