Beauty of sajek valley

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Do you have the need to the touch clouds together with your hands?
If you wish to be embraced by clouds and practice the clouds, then Sajek natural depression is that the best place to meet your aspiration. This little and secluded natural depression is enclosed by inexperienced mountains, dense forest and zigzag and ups and downs mountainous roads, that check huge snake spirals. Its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere can provide you with the sensation of heaven on earth. The attention-grabbing issue is that once awakening from sleep within the morning, you may end up amidst cloud. where you look, you may solely see white thick clouds and since of it, you can't see what's beneath the natural depression. it's going to appear to you that you simply area unit floating on the cloud. as a result of its scenic beauty, it's referred to as Quenn of Hills. it's additionally referred to as Roof of Rangamati as a result of on prime of this natural depression, you'll see the total Rangamati district.
Sajek natural depression is settled 2000 feet higher than water level. because the name suggests, it's placed in Sajek union, the largest union of People's Republic of Bangladesh, at Baghaichari upazila in Rangamati district. even supposing it's placed in Rangamati, it's straightforward to travel from Khagrachari. that's why, individuals begin their journey from Khagrachari. it's named once Sajek stream, that acts as border between People's Republic of Bangladesh and India.

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