The Craziest Natural Phenomena - Part II

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I started with my new series "The craziest natural phenomena" a few days ago. So many of my followers requested a second part of this topic and here it is. Part II of Craziest Natural Phenomena.

The nature gives me so much energy and it calms me down in every situation. The feeling being around so many plants and animals is truly magical. Natural phenomena are happening all around the world. After I did some research about phenomena I was stuck at this topic for hours. It´s so interesting because I really never heard of them before...

Life is not a miracle. It is a natural phenomenon, and can be expected to appear whenever there is a planet whose conditions duplicate those of the earth.
Harold Urey

Underwater crop circles 

Male ball fishes create these circles under water. They try to woo the females with this technique.

Volcanic Flashes

The eruption of a volcano can lead to a fearsome electric storm.

The big blue whole

when the sea level was still much lower in Belize, it was originated by erosion a long time ago.

The black sun

To see every spring in Denmark due to hundreds of thousands of stars.

Bloody glacier

Also known as "Blood Falls" in Antarctica. The effluent water so similar to them blood through iron oxide contained therein.

Circumhorizental Arcs

These phenomena is called "fire rainbows"- an optical phenomenon featuring an ice halo formed by plate-shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds.

Tanzani´as Lake Natron 

"a salt lake fed by mineral-rich hot springs that is the only regular breeding area in East Africa for the 2.5 million lesser flamingoes."


I actually found this nice quote and wanted to share this one with you as well

Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation!

Of course I could write a long text about every single phenomenon but I thought the pictures are talking for themselves...

This was a quick post about natural phenomena but there is much more coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

Stay focused

Love, Soldier


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I really enjoyed reading this post. Keep them coming ;)

thanks, glad you liked this series. More coming soon

I know of many natural phenomena, but the Fire rainbow I hadn't heard of before! Thank you!

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Hi quality posts. I'm glad I got over to see your blog!
Thanks for commenting on my posts; and thanks for being part of our community here.

awesome pictures! Still get astonished by many of them~ already looking forward to see the next post of the series!

Glad you enjoyed this content! Next series is coming very soon!

Thanks for sharing interesting post.

Glad you enjoyed it.

This is so crazy !!!! Thanks for sharing, very interesting


Thanks !

@solider please make the 3rd series on this topics!! Really I much liked it!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

I really like to resteemed that post with my followers!!

Thank you so much! Appreciate your support. Part 3 is coming soon, dont worry :)

Do you love football dear @soldier?
I invite you soccer contest by me : )

I LOVE soccer! Did you know that I played football by myself when I was younger?
I would love to be a part of your contest!

Thank you @soldier, you are the most beautiful girl in Steemit :)


glad you enjoyed it

Thank you for your generous upvotes!

Omg these are crazy! Never would have known about them either! Thanks for sharing

Me too, I just did a research about this topic and found some really amazing phenomena

Damm this was something very new on steemit thanks for sharing cool to read

So glad you enjoyed this content !

Another great post by the amazing @soldier , I love the way your express your thoughts nature is magnificent and I always seem to write about nature and the feelings I get from it, phenomena just blows my mind !!

Really appreciate your continuously support! Glad you enjoy my content as well.

Always ❤️

Great series, I have also started a series where I share the stories of ordinary people, people who have struggled in their lives and couldn't become successful in their lives due to their circumstances. It would be an honor for me if you visit my blog and suggest me if there is any room for improvement.

I will check it out for sure. Sounds very interesting !

Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post. Your words really meant a lot to me and an honor as well.
I don't have much upvote value but gifting you a randowhale, for sparing your precious time and reading my post.
Thanks again.

Those "fire rainbows" are so awesome ! And the black sun would probably be scary to see with your own eyes :O

Really scarry!

I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed about this episode, but I think that only happened because you put up the bar much too high with episode 1 ;)

No problem, just wait for part 3 ;) As I said in my post, this was just a quick post because I had so many requests and was a bit in a hurry. Stay tuned for extrem crazy phenomena

Very good, I stay tuned, keep up your great work, I love it

the nature is fantastic! waiting for part III !!

Coming very soon !!!

You have seen so many amazing places! :-O Great post - resteemed and following you ;)

I havent seen them by myself. That would be amazing, but I really want to !

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :)

Thanks so much, appreciate your support !

Loved your post photograph are enough.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it

The wonder of nature..fearfully and wonderfully made :)

so true... totally agree

wow I had no ideas about those designs the fish made. They've got some weird sacred geometry flowing out of them.

It´s crazy right???? I didnt hear about that either before I did some researches for this post

I didn't know some of them, the best for me: it's because is too much strange

Really strange right? Totally agree

No wayyyy, it's impossible... So there was the first part, I'll check it out.
And you promised dancing article for men, waiting for it! :d

Dance article coming tonight. Stay tuned... ( Night time in Germany)

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The technique of the male ball fish shows what males are willing to do to woo the females.
The bloody glacier is pretty weird and I'm going to have to look that one up.

Thank you for sharing as usual.

Glad you liked this post and I totally agree with you. Crazy what male fishes do just to woo the females...

Great post and Nice picture, thank you for sharing Upvoted & Followed

Thanks! Appreciate your support!

Buen Post... Saludos desde Venezuela

Muchas Gracias !

Wonderful post! I never read about these natural wonders before. Thanks for sharing.

Glad I could share this new content with you. I think its so interesting

Thank you for sharing this post, I love the first and last quote u shared with us.
As well as learning of natural phenomena

Glad you liked it :)

I agree with you, nature gives you peace.Nature can help you for everything can make you stronger in your life and give you hope to get what you want. By the way, nice pictures, keep going and take what you want.

Glad you like this post. Appreciate your words, thanks

good postt i like all your postt and i upvote
maybe u can see my postt and upvote somethingg.

Quality ,I like how good stuff you can collect together. Respect

Thanks, really appreciate it

I really really like your photos selection and your blog! Upvoted and following

Thanks appreciate it

Those "fire rainbows" are so awesome !

Yeah right?

amazing post

thank you.

Won very beautiful scenery I enjoyed it thanx for sharing....

So glad you enjoyed this content! Part 3 is coming the next days

I thinks its spelt phena mana, do doo de doo doo

Upvoted as well :)

alle very interesting! I heard about the bloody falls before.never saw the fire-rainbow. Good stuff! thanks for sharing this with us!

Great post @soldier! I love this stuff!!!
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Another great post from you!! I really like your perspective and your knowledge about nature.. It has also helped many of your readers(including me) to gain some knowledge... All the credit goes to you.. Thanks for sharing and i'm waiting eagerly for part 3

Her hair is great!!
How much time is spent?

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Wow! Those pictures are wonderful! I have never seen that! Thanks you for sharing it! Hope to see more like this @soldier!

thank you for sharing

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Wooow I love Nature too..! maybe you can check my last Post, it's about what I see when i wake up... Hope you like it!... and you know that your visit there could makes the sun brighter, thanks @soldier :)

Oo i think i wil need to find the first part!

Hi there,

The very first picture, "underwater crop circles"
This is how they do it.. enjoy

@soldier beautiful

great post ! nice photo

Love the pics, thanks

That's really amazing especially the under water crop circles made by fish :0