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"Love you, pho real"

Yesterday I met up with my girl @agent who I haven´t seen for a few months. Well, besides our trip to Greece last week. We are working so much that we literally had no time to go out and enjoy good food together. That´s why we decided to take a look at a new restaurant called "Rice Brothers" which @thehipsterguru recommended us. It is like a fancy asian restaurant in the middle of the hottest restaurant area in Hamburg. 

I am really into asian food because you have so many dishes to choose from. An amazing taste, spicy or not spicy, healthy, variety and so many delicious herbs! When I took a look at the menu I couldnt really decide what I wanted to choose. Everything sounded so delicious. From fresh self made summer rolls to Vietnamese noodle soups and burger made of rice flour. 


This time I chose the Bao Bao Burger because I have never heard of steamed burger buns with sweet & sour sauce, mango salad and fresh roasted chicken. As you can see, they have a bunch of traditional asian dishes. 

Even the list of beverages was a surprise. They offer homemade drinks which tasted incredibly good. I am not a big fan of soft drinks anymore since they have so many artificial ingredients and sugar inside. I am drinking still water most of the time but when I see homemade drinks such as ice teas or smoothies, I am totally down to some sweet taste!

This time I went for something sparkling and ice cold because the weather was extremely hot and I needed a refreshment. I choose the "Gingerly". Fresh ginger, limes, mint and Ginger Ale on ice.

@agent chose something more creamy which was definitely a win! It is called the "Mango Mash". Mango mash, yogurt, coconut milk and mint leaves. The consistency was just perfect and the combination of the mango mash and coconut milk tasted like heaven!

The Bao Bao Burger

Steamed burger buns made of rice flour, tomatoes, cucumber, rocket, mango, fresh cilantro & salad. I topped it with a fresh roasted piece of chicken and crunchy sweet potato fries. This combination was new for me and even the steamed burger buns were pretty surprising. One bite already convinced me. The warm bread buns melting together with the fresh and cold mango pieces and a well seasoned piece of chicken were an incredible combination! My mouth is still watering...

Roasted Salmon & Chicken

@agent is THE food lover. She loves to try out new things but the asian cuisine is still her favorite. Whenever we are traveling, she is mostly the one who finds the great spots to eat and reminds us to take some time to enjoy food while working 24/7. She went for something more common which was a roasted piece of chicken and salmon. This was topped with a fresh mango salad, sweet & sour sauce and some crispy sweet potato fries.The whole mixture of fish, meat and mango were like a celebration on the tongue. 

Matcha Ice Cream

I have a sweet tooth. Although my stomach was full of food, I still went for some Matcha Ice Cream. A few years ago, @agent discovered matcha for me. I haven´t tried it in my entire life and when she gave me some of her Matcha Frappuccino I immediately fell in love with the taste. @mrs.steemit and @agent were obsessed with Matcha and now after I got introduced to it, I always order anything with matcha as soon as I see it. 

This Ice Cream was really good. I don´t like the artificial taste of matcha or if it is too bitter. This one was actually very tasty and I would order it a second time!


"You don´t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces... Just good food from fresh ingredients" 

I am changing my nutrition constantly. We live in a very busy world and eating the right food can be challenging sometimes. We ware working most hours of the day which makes it hard to stand in the kitchen late at night to cook some fresh food. People tend to eat outside and order food from different restaurants. But this "fast" food is not good for your health. Surely the hype of a healthy living is swapping over to many countries and people build all these fitness blogger spots but we should come back to the kitchen and try to cook the food on our own. Only then you know whats inside and cooking with fresh ingredients is the best thing you can do to support your body. 

Let me know if you want to see some recipes or anything food related.

What is your favorite dish?

Thanks for reading

Stay focused

Love, Soldier 

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Although I live in Asia, I have never tried a bao bao burger, definitely its taste is very delicious ..
Are you now in Asia?


Where do you live in Asia?
Currently I am still in Germany but we´ll see where my journey takes me next :)
The burger was great. I have never tasted anything like this and it is actually really different from an American Burger as we know them


I live in Indonesia, exactly in Southeast Asia,
Could it be that next will take you to Asia ??
Are you in steemit.chat ??

Yeah asian food is love!
Have you ever tried karahi gost, chapli kabab, biryani.
If not? Try it you will.fall.in love with these.


I have never heard of these dishes. Definitely need to try that out!
Are these Indian dishes? I love Indian food. My favorite is Chicken Madras!


No these are Pakistanis.


Well! You Know Pakistan and India both are in sub continent and very familiar annd indulged with in the culture, good, dressing and so many other things, so you can say this food belongs to Sub continent and 2 countries are in sub continent, PAKISTAN & INDIA


I have never heard of these dishes. Definitely need to try that out!
Are these Indian dishes? I love Indian food. My favorite is Chicken Madras!

Beauty and brains are a rear combination but i found one whose name is @soldier,you had a great heart dear.


Ohh thank you sweetheart, you made me smile by reading this! Thank you <3

This looks luscious!
I would like to some recipes.
Inspiration for my own videos are always good :)


Thank you for your opinion, I will do some recipes in the future ☺️

Wow! Yummy 😋 Healthy foods that contain adequate nutrition. That's really fun. Just ready for breakfast, so hungry again :)


I have heard that many Asian people eat noddle soups and warm dishes for breakfast, so maybe we should try that out :P

Soldier that's not fair, you made my mouth watering by sharing such content, I'm asian though but I've never tried it. Now I'll look for it all around in my city, matcah ice cream Sounds very yummy, and thanks to @agent who takes you there and you shared your taste with us. My favorite dish in Asian food is Biryani and I don't think you can even finish a olate of it due to spice and richness of different condiments. 😍
In shakes my favorite is Mango almond ❤️


I have never tried Biryani but I would love to! I am a little bit sensitive to spicy food because I just did not ate a lot of spicy dishes but I am getting more and more comfortable with the taste. I think Biryani with a fresh Mango Lassi would be the best combination


Hahahaha oh my God, you know about mango lassi??? Wow you're so into asian food literally you amazed me by sayin mango lassi 😂

Need to taste everything in life @soldier is the best in any stream there is nothing she cant do.


I am changing my nutrition constantly.

Adapt and conquer! Eating a perfect meal plan probably works great - in a perfect world. We all gotta eat, best to make the smartest choices we can when presented with less than ideal options.

What is your favorite dish?

That's like asking how many stars are in the sky. My favorite dishes are the ones made with love and intention. ☺


That´s a great answer! I also couldn´t choose just one dish. I just love good food and it doesn´t matter where it comes from

A lot of delicious and yummy stuff!! I would like to try Mango Mash! It looks refreshing with the addition of mint.


The combination with the mint mango and coconut milk was super yummy! You definitely should try it

I am much interested to have a dessert than spicy food. It does not mean I don't like the spice. You have spent a quality time having the great meal and conversation with your girl. It is a good way to spend time with our loved ones.


I also love dessert more than spicy or salty food. One of my favorites is chocolate but since I discovered matcha, I always switch it up to matcha as soon as I see it!

Wow! So much food and drink 😋 MmM Yummy!^_^


It was really good ☺️

Amazing to keep an eye on this @soldier Thank you so much for coming up with amazing ideas.


Glad you like it :)

That place looks so good. Especially the salmon! That's one of my favorite types of fish.


I do not like fish but @agent said it was very good!

Omg I want some now.. All I have is my Amber Ale..


Ohh I would love to share it with all of you.

Asian food known as tasty, spicy and delecious. Everyone who is intresting to eat something better, who preffers asian foods. I am from asia. I know the status of food in our area. Pakistani and indian food are realy better to eat. You can't beleive that Karachi and Mumbai bryani is a collection of taste, spice and much more. I will show the bryani pocs which describe its own value and taste.
images (2).jpeg


This looks so good! So many flavors and colors. I would really love to try it! Thank you for sharing

Great stuff and i found a key for your success @soldier that is you try to keep everything so simple but that is not simple for everyone to stay as cool as you.

Amazing recipies great to see you again dear.


Thanks @googlefighter , great to see you here too!

Great pictures and great food.
Well who doesn't like burgers and ice creams.
Although haven't eaten Bao Bao burger. They don't serve it here, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Amazing Recipies we need not to think now before eating,have a great day dear.

Awesome varities dear did you ate all of them.

Glad to know you are in love with Asian food, i am an asian and i am feeling proud after reading your views about asian food.


Asian food is the best!
I am a lover of all kinds of cuisines but if I had to choose one - I would take the Asian cuisine for sure!


I enjoy many different cuisines but if I had to choose just one - I would definitely go for the Asian cuisine!


oh really? it an honor for us :)

Everything looks so delicious and amazing there which is great its healthy too :D

Hey soldier,
thx for the introduction of the restaurant. I live in Hamburg and I will definatly have a look to grap some food there hence it is very close to the co-working space (betahaus) were I spend my time during the week. Funny that I`ve never heard of it before. :-)

The food list is indeed quite long while the ones you have choosen are as well great .The name of the burger The Bao Bao Burger is indeed cool.

Like the name. Served in the Army myself. My tags are #boombox and #soldiermusic if you ever want to check them out

Thanks for the great photos ! the food looks really delicious. The burger above seems to have little frys in it. Funny :-) I love burger and my favorite is steak. 👍👌🏼