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RE: Do You Understand Your STEEM KEYS ???

in #life2 years ago

Don’t worry. The only keys you need are the master key, the private posting key, and the private active key.

Make sure you have the private posting and active keys and not the public keys. Think of your public keys as your mailbox. You don’t use public keys for logging in. If the keys start with STM, then they are public and the wrong keys.


Can you direct me to a post that shows where I find the private posting & active keys as all I'm seeing is the public ones that start with STM? That's my problem, I don't know where I find my keys. Sorry if this sounds dumb this is the first I've heard about these other keys.

Never mind, I get it now!! So if I hit the "show private key in green" to the right a different code was shown and YES I was able to login with that password!

It is in the blog above. See the large red arrows. You must click those buttons that the red arrows point to in order to get to your private keys.