Why Do Some People Live A Double Standard Life?

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Life shows itself to us in phases. When a chapter closes, a new one opens. Some of these chapters are good while some are bad. We sometimes wished a chapter never closes while we pray that another closes immediately.

Living among fellow human beings has proven to us that we are not all the same. We have similar look and physique that suggests we are human beings but our actions, thoughts, and perceptions about life and how it should be lived are not the same.

While some people are moved by material worth, some focus on their goals and aim high.

It is not new to see people live a fake life. A fake life or double standard life is what Yoruba people of Nigeria call 'alakada'.

Reality check, people spend money they don't have on things they don't need to impress people they don't want.

Like my mom would say, there is a pride in drinking garri (cassava flakes/flour) than borrowing money you don't know when you will pay back to buy things you cannot afford yourself just because you want to impress someone.


Living a fake life is the only thing some people know how to do. You will see them on social media flaunting cars, wears, designers just to give the impression that they are living large.

Reality check, wearing expensive wears doesn't mean you are expensive. Just like the saying, all that glitters is not gold.

You don't become big by wearing expensive things, you don't become big by flaunting cars or spending money the way you see it. Your being big is determined and calculated by your total worth which is beyond material properties. Your total worth include your intellect, positive impact in your family, community and country at large.

Do not say you are big when you are actually small. Living a fake life will cost you so many things because those that ought to help you would think you are rich and need no help.

Humility they say, pays. Try and be humble and be realest as much as you can be. Stop living a double standard life because it will cost you more than you can every imagine.

Thanks for your time.

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