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Our actions in life are determined by so many factors. Almost every of our action has its root cause. It is possible for us to be compassionate about our fellow man and unconcerned about our fellow man.

Man is a being that is capable of love and hatred. He is a being that constantly decide which path he would take in life. This is why he is regarded as a responsible being.

What i want to know here is which one, between these two realities is more easier to do? Do we love easily or hate easily?

Hatred or hate is a deep and extreme emotional dislike, especially invoking feelings of anger or resentment. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas.

Love, on the other hand encompasses a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, ranging from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure. Source


While the former is bad and can destroy a whole country, the latter is good and can build a stronger country.

If i am asked the question above, i would say it is easier to hate than to love. I might not be totally right but i think people use hatred as a defense mechanism to see what the other person has for them.

'People' feel if they love easily, their weaknesses could be easily seen/noticed which may make them prone. So to be on a safer side, they show hatred first to try and study and know the stranger before them.

I might not be right but if you open your arms and show people love easily, it is possible you are mocked or someone would just play on your intelligence.

What do you think? Do you show love or hatred to people first? share with us which one between' the two you think is more easier to show.

Should we show hatred at all or even contemplate it?

Thanks for your time.


It is good to be indifferent at first then when you realise the kind of person you are dealing wiry, you can choose to hate or love them but to my own opinion I don't think we control those feelings. It just happen.

they say that there is only one step from hatred of love, both for the avoidance of normal feelings in human beings, where one predominates over the other, but never eliminates it, however much one wants to hate something, the need of affection that the human being has leads us to look for love, that's what I think. very good your post, Regards

Showing love is easier for me. I have no reason to hate someone, i can only hate his ways or guts, not him in particular. When we show hatred, the person fights back and situation worsens

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