The driver's seat

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Are you in the driver's seat of your life?

Often times, we forget that we are responsible for everything that goes on in our life. That is why we tend to live the life of others or allow others to take control of crucial decisions in our life. These people drive us to wherever they wish, thus, use us as means to attaining their selfish goals.
Many people in the world today are blindly pursuing the dreams of others. They are yet to discover themselves, thus, unable to figure out what they really want in life. This makes them vulnerable when it comes to decision making.

How long will you continue to mimic and live the life of others? How long will you allow people to occupy the driver's seat of your life? Think about it. We all have a limited time on earth. In order to make impact, you ought to take charge of your life.

Until you do the needful, your life might get knocked down like an engine without oil.
Learn from a good driver, a good driver fuels his car on time, services it and makes sure it's in good condition before kicking it on a highway. A good driver has spare tyre and fire extinguisher in his car booth in case of unforseen circumstances. In the same vein, you should have extra oil that should keep you going in hard times.

Image source:pixabay

Begin to take charge of your life today. Cease from living the life of others, being authentic yields more joy....

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Wow..amazing photography..i appreciate this life...

Thanks @mdismail