in life •  6 months ago

It's here again ,it's happening , whats happening ?thats a very big i want to answer and talk about.

It's valentines day,i remember when i was young,lots of people talk it,boys and girls are eager to

celebrate it,the girls where more particular about it because it is a time they look forward to collecting gift

and making demands from their boyfriends or husbands.

Some ladies even go as far as having more than one boyfriend ,just to collect more gift and cash .

While for the guys on the other hand it is an avenue to have free and quick sex,in reality,it is not free

because while the guys end up spending more the ladies end up spending or giving nothing to the guys in return.

The only thing they do is to accompany the guy to get the gift ,going out on a shopping spree collecting cash or going

out to dinner.

And i ask myself at the end of the day is that the essence of valentine?

after the boxes of chocolates ,bouquet of flowers,the lingerie and the sex what next?

the purpose of 14th of february,(valentines day)as potrayed by st valentine himself,

it is a day to show love,care it means helping one another ,it not a day for guys to have

free or casual sex,nor is it a day for ladies to start making unecessary demands just in the name of valentine

but rather it is a day to genuelly give out love to those who need it ,put a smile on someone face cos its valentines day.


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