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I sometimes wonder why relationship are constantly filled wit ups and down so after much findings came to a

conclusion that there is no such thing as a perfect couple ,only imperfect people coming together to make things


now to the main culprit he is wrong :she is wrong who is the main culprit from my findings one of the major

causes of lbreakup in relationships, is not beceause the couples are not a perfect match or are not meant for

eachother the main cause is that couples often oportion blames when they have issues rather than say sorry

am sorry is a word which every one knows , but find it difficult to say when its needed to be said.

the world am sorry often solves alot of things i observe that the lady feels if i say am sorry he will take me for a

fool and do worse things next,and from the man point of view he thinks when he says sorry to the lady he will

think he is weak and take him for granted.

But on the contrary saying am sorry doesnt make whoever said it a weakling,it makes the person more matured

and its also a way of avoiding further conflict thereby creating peace.

Whoever refuses to say the word am sorry when he or she is at fault,is not only immarture but childish.

If he says she wrong,and she says he is wrong ,then the main answer will be who is right?who is now the

main culprit.couples2.jpg

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