Meet My Childhood friends: Barbecue And Drone Flying!

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When you get older, you slowly start to distance yourself from your childhood/school friends.

Life just gets very busy, and we don't always stay in contact as close as we used to before.

That definitely goes for me too, I'm always busy but last week when the weather was nice, I decided to make an exception.

Some of my old friends who I've known since I was a young teenager were having a Barbecue outside.

It's interesting to see what they have become, compared to what they used to be like or what they wanted as a kid.

We had a great time - laughing about old stories, talking about how things have changed and more.

And of course there were also freshly grilled sausages and toasted bread from the barbecue!

I brought my drone along to capture some of these memories!


We decided to have a fun game of football (soccer), since we all used to play as kids.

As some of you may know the DJI Phantom 4 has a tracking function, so I let it track one of my friends with the football:


Then of course, I had to take my drone a little higher and explore the view above Hamburg!

When the sun comes out in Hamburg, it's truly a beautiful city.
As you can see, we have both old and traditional buildings (Hamburg has a long history of being a port) as well as new and exciting architectural projects.
And of course, the big harbor is also a beautiful feature!

Take a look at these stunning views:




I had a great time reconnecting with my friends and enjoying the sun.

I think it's really important to take a break once in a while.

Work smarter, not harder - if you work all day without taking a break, you will get tired and you efficiency will decrease. It's very important to take a breather once in a while, and gain some new inspiration and energy.
Countless studies have shown that your brain works slower over time if you keep working, you get tired, exhausted and demotivated. Get up once in a while, go for a walk, have something to drink or meet up with your friends in the sun.

You will return more refreshed and inspired.

Think about your childhood friends, call them or contact them on social media, I'm sure they will be glad!


Remember to stay connected with your old friends - these friendships are worth a lot.

And although life gets very busy, it's important to take some time to relax and refresh your mind as well!

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Wow this is very interesting my friend. One should definitely keep in touch with friends face to face. I say face to face because in this age of social media..We are more connected than ever but are even more disconnected..If you know what I mean. By the way cool drone footage :)


Yes I totally know what you mean, social media is great and all but sometimes we just need face to face with our year-long friends!

Your def right with that, it was good for me to get out most of the day today in the sun!

Great images, and very good advice. following you now !


Thank you, I appreciate that!

so in other words a perfect day :)

Those are nice pictures from a drone i would love to get ahold of one.


Thank you!
Yes the quality is impressive and it's a lot of fun to fly around with.
DJI have just released a new compact drone for beginners which starts at around $600 I believe but still has amazing quality and functions.


one main things i like is that it tracks so you can get some real nice pictures that way

Nice photos and gifs, soccer gif is extra good though. :))
Hell of a group btw.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!
Yes in the soccer gif we used the automatic tracking function in the drone, which allows it to center the object in the shot at all times.

Wow! Thats kinda cool.
On a different note, yes, life do get busy. And of of this day makes the life whole and momentous.


Thank you 🙌
Yes we should always be reminded that we should live in the moment and make time for what really matters

friendship for life......its always good hanging out with old pals.

Great peace. So true. Enjoy the memories and make some more.


That's right, laughing about the old memories and making new ones as we go!

I want one! A drone. Not a friend. I have friends, I swear!


You should check out the new DJI spark, I heard it's quite good and very compact!

@sirwinchester, nice images from your drone. Hope you had fun with your friends?


Definitely! Also, it's always fun showing new people the drone, and letting them test it out. Everyone loves flying it!

wow, it's amazing!!!


Thank you 😁 appreciate it!

This is a great reminder especially with Summer in session! Thanks for the post.

Nice time travel! I should do this too some day.

Very good post congratulations !!
If you like beautiful photos do not think twice about watching this post

Dope bruh i remember you being the first person commenting on my page now showing back the love peep out the feed let me know what you steem!


Thank you, I appreciate it - and it's awesome that you still remember that! Yes it's important to spread the positivity and welcome new members!

wa zup wa zup wa zup
so cool mann !!!
i jealouse with you:(
u have a lot family :((

Keep it up mann!! 👊

It is great to hang out with old friends and create some new memories!


Exactly, you can't replace long friendships!

Congratulations @sirwinchester!
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Nice pics

your drone is pretty cool :D


Thank you! It has a lot of functions and the quality is amazing, I'd recommend it.
It's a lot of fun!