How to Survive Tough Times (Visual Guide Book for Brain Washed Adults)

in life •  3 years ago 

It seems that nowadays "terror" attacks are all to common,between that and "Police" related shootings it seems that now is the time to prepare yourselves for something even more unlikely to happen. I know most of us go about our daily lives not really caring about what happens until it happens to us or someone we know and then we expect the world to care. Well I'm here to say that I care more than the world and I put together this small guide on how to survive "Tough Times Visual Book for Brain Washed Adults" - Pages 1 and 2 enjoy! 

Page 1

Page 2

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Don't forget a bag of weed incase the shops are closed! :O

Hahah nice, i did forget that..Stock up on green!!! Sorry I would have responded faster, was editing my anime i made for my podcast lol

The cat is gonna kick yo ass!