The real reason of why we all eat meat?

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I was born and raised in the Netherlands, what can be considered as the western world. And like many others i was grown up to eat meat, that was chicken, beef, pigs, turkey and i even tried horse meat twice. But most of the time i eat beef, chicken and pigs meat. And i can't say that i had a choice when i was a kid, it was more like i had to eat what was on the table.
They had a saying "that you had to eat what is on the dinner plate", and i assume that every household is using the same tactic. For example take a look at this video for a moment. Because after watching it and thinking about it, it raised many questions.

I mean lets be real for a moment, and take a good look at our society. We have the energy corporations. The pharmacy corporations. The weapon industry corporations. The entertainment industry corporations. There is the real estate big corporations.The banking corporations. The education corporations, i mean they are called universities but Let's face it, if you don't got the money for it then you can't go there!

And all are created to make profit from us, because we are the masses and we don't control any of these points. We can't do it on our own and fix some energy for your home, or buy a house from someone without nobody between it, there is no way to create weapons and sell them for your own profit ( im not complaining to, but i only want to show the bigger picture ), it's also impossible to get some rights for a tv program, unless you paid the amount of money for it.

So in some way, we all are forced to accept what society is giving us or we have to paid a big amount of money to get what we want. And if you can't afford it, then you are doomed to accept what the government or society give us. For example, if they want war then you can cross your finger, jump to the moon or walk on your head, and nothing will stop the war because you alone can't do anything against it. Unless people unite and stand up, but in this moment is almost every street divided into groups.

That makes it very easy for the government to give us the food what they think is best for us. So they only need to control the meat market and decide what they think is best for us. But to be certain about this "claim", lets take a look about who is really controlling the meat industry.

And you can find more data here on this article.


Now anyone can Google "who are the major corperation in the food industry", and then you will see the same results. That raised the question, if there is proof that those big corporations can influence the government? To answer that question, i asked my old friend YouTube, to search for an answer. Because a picture say more than a thousand words, and a video say more than thousand pictures.

And in this article you can read how the government boost consumers to eat meat and to drink milk.

So on this point its clear that a handful of corporations are in energy, education, weapons, banking and the food industry who works side by side with the government. And the same government is boosting the public to consume meat and milk. That means they use the fallacy of authority to deliver the message of the big corporations, while the government should only receive tax from those corporations, like how they take tax money from other smaller size companies. Do you really think that you with your companies can go to the government and ask them to promote your product to the public?

They will never do that, in fact the moment you will open a company, they will make sure that you have to paid income tax, and that you can't make any mistake with that. So we have big corporations who control almost everything around us, even the government to promote there programs, and the food industry is one of them.

But on the same time there is evidence that many of there food is responsible for cancer. So the big question i wounder is, why are they supporting products what can be dangerous for our health? To answer that question, we should look at who will benefit of cancer. This might sound very cruel, but the truth is, cancer is also big business for the health care industry. The big pharmacy get profit from the medicines what is used to "cure" cancer, they use expensive chemical ways to remove the cancer. While many stories came forward that those cancers treatment will only kill people, or can even open a complete other problem.

While it's proven that Marijuana or the oil of marijuana can cure some sort of forms of cancer.

And maybe not every form, but cannabis oil seems to be effective on cancer, and its also cheap to make. In fact every household could grow a cannabis plant in there backyard, to use it for cannabis oil. To me is the plant the same plant as the Aloe Vera plant, what is also good for many diseases or infections, it's easy to grow and to use, it can even be used for shampoo. So there are cheaper ways to cure diseases, and there are cheaper ways to use health products. But if our own government don't support those ways, then we are forced to do what the government tell us to do. They can even imprison us for using natural products.

Should that not ring the bell about the food industry who gets support from the government? Just take a look at the bigger picture. Meat is not good for your health, it can even create cancers, and get support from the government. Then we have the pharmacy industry who creates cancer cures, who also get the support from the government. Because with the health care program, they are forcing us to accept what they have, and if that means that you get advised to use some medicine, then you must paid the price of those medicines, no matter how expensive they are.

So at the end, we the citizen or the public are like sitting ducks or cattle on a huge farm, organized by big corporations, who tell us what eat, what to see, what to look or what we should feel. Then how on earth could we not sympathies for animals who are forced to be consumption for the citizen, who got manipulated to see the truth. Just take a look at this hidden video of Belgian slaughterhouse. I must warn you that its a very extreme video, but it shows the realities of some animals, and most important is, it show the feelings and emotions of the animals.

Now after i saw this video, i felt very sick, even angry on that person, but then again what do i aspect to see in a slaughterhouse? That animals walk happily into there death? I mean if you have a dog, then you know when your dog sees danger. That is because he has learned that in some experience, and he will never forget that. The same logic counts for every animal, especially in captivity. It's like being on death row, imprison by a species who fed people, to kill them for consumption! If we replace animals into humans and the humans are aliens, then we have a script for a horror movie.

The thought that something wants to eat us, or threat us like enslaved prisoners, who are doomed to be consumed is horrified. I saw a Japanese horror movie not long ago, about giants, and those giants eat humans like they are snacks. It really made my stomach turned around, because the thought to be eaten by a species, who are bigger and superior then us, is kind of horrified. But animals in captivity feel that every day, and some have luck and can escape from the captivity like this cow. The cow in this video is supposed to be slaughtered but got released on the end, you can clearly see the sorrow in his eyes.

So what im saying is, the feelings what we all feel in our blood, is also going in the blood of animals. But our society had forced us to overlook that part of the industry, what made sure that we don't even see what corporations are doing with the world today. And i understand that it might be difficult to change our ways of what we eat, but i think it's possible if we start looking at the facts of our reality. And the facts are, that what we are used to eat, is what "they" enforced us to adept. And because they never expose the real truth behind our food industry, is it difficult to understand what is really going on.

But now with the age of internet, is it easy to find information about our reality. And the only conclusion i can make is, that the way of living im used to do, is nothing more or less what others wants me to live, eat, see, get or listen. And if im not aware of this, then i can't make a difference for myself.

Now talking about the food industry, me as a individual can't do much from this point, but i can write and make a post about. And i stop going to some places like McDonald, or any kind of big fast food center. I just see that we live in a way with our Planet what is not good for the planet, and is only good for a small group of people, who can benefit from all the profits they make from there constructions.


And im done with that, il try to stop with eating meat, and il try to grow my own food and grown my own medicines, and il focus on trading in cryptocurrencies and il focus on new block chain projects to create a better economy. Because im not a slave of those big corporations, im a free man who cant be deceived anymore, and if more have the same logic, then we can change the world!

And don't get me wrong please, im not saying stop eating meat or something like that, i only wanted to talk about our current reality. That eating meat was never a choice, it's just that our parents have enforced that us, and we all massively adapted eating meat. There for its difficult to stop eating meat if you are used of eating that, but that don't mean we have to put our head in the ground. Its just that we all have to be more aware of what is going on around us. If a group can create wars, enslave humans on medicine and create money out of nowhere, then don't aspect that the same group will organize our consumption what will be good for us. I think you can better aspect that the consumption what they create for us, will only benefit there profit and not our health. And that will go on until we the citizen open there eyes and demand a change, but that can only begin if we talk openly about it.

I thank you all for reading, upvotes and resteem!
And if you like how i write and about what i write, then feel free follow me!!



This has been a very inspirational post. I've thought about it several times since first reading and upvoting it. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks.

nice post thanks for share

Thank you for the feedback!

you are welcome

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You welcome and thanks a lot @melowd!

Im vegan for a while, the meat industry is the worst! congrats for your post, very good content :-) will resteem you now

Thank you!

Great article, I went Vegan a few years back and never looked back.

Im gonna start with it to.
Thanks for the feedback!!

That's awesome man. I'm still trying to get there but it's hard for me right now.

Plenty to watch and read here!

I've recently gone to plant-based only food and it's going great, not missing meat at all. Cheese sounds good right now though. Meat is bad for Earth!

Resteemed 👍🏾

I honestly have tried it for one week, it felt like i gain new powers!!
But after one week i got myself again eating meat and since that day it was business as usual.
So this time i will be serieus about and focus not to eat meat.
Thanks for your feedback and resteem!

No worries, good luck!

sharing your post with people that speaks Portuguese also in Brazil, you provided a very good content here tks:)

Thanks's alot!!

tk u for provided all this useful information! Dankje wel ahhaha I try some Dutch hehe

Lol thats perfect dutch!
Where you from?

Thank you!

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Nice post. Thanks for share @sinzzer

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