The perfect place for fairy tales ^_^

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On Sunday, after the lunch with my family, me and my hubby @paolobeneforti went to enjoy the fresh air waling around on the hill. That area (around a village called Collina, that in italian means "Hill" ^_^) is the favorite place of the citizens of my city to spend a nice weekend on Summer, because we can arrive there in just 30 minutes by car and the air is really fresh between those forests.

While we was walking along the pathways, the light between the trees looked something magical and so I took some pics to share with you:

Since I live in the city (after I lived for the most part of my live in little villages close to the hills and on the mountains), I really need to breth the air of the forest at least one time a week, especially during the Summer. I really need to see all the treasures of the Nature around me. All that green, all that brown, the smell on the air, the noise of the animals there, the softness of the moss under my feeth. Everything, in the forest, is like a medicine for my soul and for my body and everything, there, reminds me my childhood.

After a couple of hours in this magical place, I felt myself full of energy and positive thoughts and this is really a good thing for my busy work week ^_^

See ya soon and steem on,


silvia beneforti

silvia beneforti
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Thanks ^_^

That's some really gorgeous forest... literally the place of fairy tails!! Portugal doesn't have many places like that one unfortunately, maybe Geres up in the north of Portugal...

Here in the middle of Italy we have a lot of forests like this. This is a hill (about 900 mt) under the Appennini mountains.

Hi, @silviabeneforti!

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