Precious time (a serious theme)

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Time is precious, you know. Time is always precious because it's not limiteless, everyone of us knows this, but sometime we forget it. 

I'm talking about the precious time, because today is happen something special to me and I want to share it with you, because it's a common "thought" for many woman.

A couple of years ago I decided it was time to take care of myself doing some medical exams to prevent breast cancer. Here in my city (close to my home ^_^) there is an Association that, in collaboration with the Health Public Services, follow the women who want to start the prevention exams, so every year I do the medical exams to my breast. I started this way because a couple of years ago my sister-in-law had a breast cancer (fortunately now she's ok ^_^) and her doctor said to her that if she did the medical exams a couple of years before to do it, the cares would be less hard.

So, some months ago, after a medical scan, the doctor said to me there was "something" to closely monitor. Panic. Just a couple of weeks ago, I did another scan to see if that "something" was ok or not. 

No. The doctor said to me "It's better to do a needle biopsy."

Panic, more panic!

Well, today was the day for the needle biopsy, but before to do it, a couple of specialist doctors (yes, two! ^_^) did another scan to my breast to understand if that "something" was really something bad or not. At the end, after a very accurated visit and thanks to those specialists, the great news: that "something" was adipose and so it can't be bad!

After months and months of anxiety about it, you can understand how I felt myself after this! I said to those doctors "You just gave me a great gift!!!!"

Yes, I was really really lucky and I'm so happy now, but I also think about the precious time. During these last months my thought were focused on the fear and it was no good for me, for my work and for my hubby too (my hubby was the only one who knew this). I think about those (many) woman less lucky than me and they are fighting against the breast cancer (sure, not just that, but also women who are fighting against other "bad things") and I'd like to embrace everyone of them.

While I was waiting to be seen, I talked with another woman in the same situation. Both of us were there to know if we had a breast cancer or not. Both of us full of anxiety. When I finished, I wished to her the same luck, but  I don't know how it went for her. I hope well. I'm sure just about a thing: the importance of prevention. Today everything was ok for me, but if that "something" was  not ok, I was in time to be treated. Prevention can save our life, so, if you can, do it!

Warm hugs to everyone, tonight I'll sleep better than during the last 2 weeks ^_^


silvia beneforti
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Congratulations! I also ad some breast tests this year, and also went through a period of panic. I'm happy that you're OK!
P.S. You look gorgeous on the pic <3


Fortunately I had my hubby close to me and I could to talk with the volunteers of the association too (they are women who had breast cancer in the past), but it was really a period full of anxiety, especially after they said to me I needed the needle biopsy. Now I'm feel myself really "light" ^_^


I can't say it in English like I would say it in Russian, but... That feeling of "seems like I have no ax in my had. Phooooooooph!":)

October is Breast Cancer prevention month. I have got the courage to have the test yet but I've been supporting the awareness of it by joining a fun run. On Sunday, I will run 6km.

Congratulations on getting the test! 🍻

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Here there will be a fun run on Sunday morning, I think I will be there to support the initiative ^_^


Cool 😎 it's the same here.

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That is a heavy burden to carry around with you. I'm the same way when I have to wait for news is I keep it to myself or just share it with @winstonalden, as then I can wait to find out. What great news and you must be so relieved.

It does affect your work, too, because you keep focusing on it. But you are good and better so now you can make happy art!


Since yesterday I'm seeing a return of nice, smiling subjects in my work and this is really a great return to life ^_^ I was really lucky!

Thank God it wasn't serious and you are fine 👍

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It is amazing to me how fear of the unknown can absolutely overwhelm us in our lives. Sometimes it is to the point where we can't even function. It certainly has happened to me; especially when it comes to health scares.

It is so hard to live life with balanced emotions about things. I'm so glad to hear that everything went well for you. I wish you many years of health and happiness!


During the last months I understand how the fear of the unknown overwhelm me in my life. Usually I'm an optimistic persone and I think positive for the most part of the time, even when I'm in bad situation, but this time was really hard to "distract" my mind from the fear. Even if I know many women who had breast cancer and, after the treatment, everything went well, the fear of the unknown was really deeply. Now I can enjoy again everything without that fear and it's great :D

Happy to hear it's all okay. These things can be really worrying.


I was really in worry (and Paolo too, even if he tried to make me happy every day ^_^) and I admit I was thinking that if they did a biopsy and there was someting wrong I couldn't go to Krakow. When both of the specialists said to me that it was just an adipose mass and so the biopsy was not necessary, I started to breath again. Now I'm really sure (again) to go to the steemfest!!! :D


I can fully understand your worries. I've had my own medical issues which are not as serious.

By strange coincidence 'adipose' was an answer in the crossword I was doing today. It's also a creature in Doctor Who :)


I remember the Adipose in Doctor Who, it was one of the first things I thought when I came back at home :D


Happy to hear it's
All okay. These things can be
Really worrying.

                 - steevc

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Caught this from @dbooster’s resteem. It was a good read and I’m glad for you that all will be well. I’m a stresser, so I understand.

My mother had breast cancer and I was there with her through it all. She’s okay now, but every once in a while I have an intense moment of worry it’ll come back. I’ve been thinking I needed to spend more time with her, because I’ve been so busy. This article was a good reminder.


I'm really happy that now everything is ok for you mom, but I can understand you're in worry. I think the bad moments helps us to learn the importance of the time we can spend with people we love. One of the first thoughts in my mind (before to know that I was ok) was about how my family could be in worry for me. I was lucky, I was really lucky! A big hug from Italy to you and your mom!