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Sometimes a long walk in to the nature can be a great meditation for our soul. Waking up doing the same things everyday and being brain-busy with all the daily duty can damage not just your health but also your own soul.

The bigger position, comes with a greater responsibility and everyone have a higher expectation from you. This will lead to the point that you will not be able to satisfy everyone.

These will become a burden on your shoulder which you will have to carry and the longer you carry those loads, it will become a damage to your soul which can destroy your self-confidence.

Whenever I feel this load, I will drop everything off for a few hours and doing something good for myself. Take a long walk in to the nature is my favourite meditation treatment. The is how i recharge my energy.

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At the end of Winter, we will not see green in the nature yet. Everything is slowly waking up from the long winter sleep and will be back to life at the middle of Spring season.

I drove a long way to one of my favourite place. This area is surrounded by nature and the long little road leads to a remaining of a legendary historical place.

After walked a while along the road though the woods, we stopped at the historical building. This was an old gate to a famous monastery. The gate is used as a border to avoid the outsiders to reach the protected place without a permission.

The area beyond is a national park. We took another long walk through the beautiful nature until we reached the monastery. This place was completely damage from the war several hundred years ago and was rebuilt again after the war ended.




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Millions of the flowers call „snowdrop“ ( Schneeglöckchen) were blooming all over the area. This is a sign of the awakening, the Spring will be here soon and bring back life and beautiful colours to the world again.


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IMG_1476 2.jpg

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The nature has its own life circle, season changes, the environment changes. One day the rain, the snow the bad weather will pass by and everything will comeback to life again.

Even the powerful mother Nature can not satisfy us all the whole year, so don’t worry about what other people think about you because you will never be able to satisfy everyone. Some people may love you and some may not, that’s is very common. Do your best and know yourself, don’t let the word of the others bring you down.

Don’t expect people to understand your journey because they didn’t walk your path.

My favorite sentence:

“The most important opinion is the one you have about yourself”

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This is the best meditation

Greetings, dear and beautiful siamcat

Beautiful place to do a meditation. Besides being very beautiful, it seems to be a place where not many people go.

Even if the person does not meditate, just sit or walk around observing the place, his anxiety will be reduced. If I lived nearby, I would take my little dog to see the place !!

Thank you for sharing and good night!