Simple Christmas Party with Officemates😍🎄

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Good evening my dear sweet steemians. I just want to share with you our recently concluded office Christmas party celebration last Tuesday. I hope you will enjoy reading it below.

Face reveal (Inday version).


Fresh from the party hahaha.


This is really an awesome place. Nauna na mga photos na walang face mask hahaha. No more element of suspense.✌😁


This is where we had our office Christmas party. Right after work this afternoon, we headed to Awesome Hotel located in San Juan, La Union.


I forgot to take photo of the hotel lobby and its front. But I'm sure Eugene, one of my officemates, will post it later. Sure ako diyan kasi kinunan niya kanina bago kami umuwi hahaha. Ako, I haven't had the time to bring my phone out from my pocket because I am so full. Busog na busog ako hahaha.😂✌


Merry Christmas my dear sweet steemians. I hope and pray that no matter what we're going through, good or bad, may we always have the heart to give what we can give to everyone who deserves our gift of time. God bless us all.🎄🙏🎄🙏💚

p.s. I am wearing my favorite Peppa pig sneakers.😍


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