Teamwork makes the dream work

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My husband and I had to kick up our team vibe several notches this weekend. We are both introverts who require days to recover from simple social engagements. He had one on Friday. Saturday he was an emotional wreck in ball. Not on purpose. He just truly needed some alone time. Which was fine because the kids and I had plans. I took them out well into the evening and he had a full day off.

A bit of a text exchange earlier today.

Sunday was my day to socialize. Which means today is my day to recover. Except today has been super social, I’ve been “leaning in” to the motherload of freelance to dos, my body hurts and I’m exhausted. I haven’t had a second to decompress. I’m ready to blow my top. But there is a need hierarchy at play. My husband injured his shoulder this morning. He physically can’t support our kids in some of their tasks. Which means there’s no off duty for me.

In fact, and this is not a complaint but an example of how we work as a team, my night off was meant to be Wednesday. But Hubby has a thing that night and my friends are all busy so... Basically I’m biding my time until Friday when I hit the road with my girlfriend for a ladies’ night including concert, club and posh hotel stay.

Early in our relationship, this type of trade off would make me resentful. I felt like my husband was purposely hogging all the time and not pitching in. He didn’t injure his shoulder on purpose. And I’m in pain too, but it isn’t debilitating. Which means I get the chance to step up knowing my time to sit down will come. Not today. Not nearly soon enough, but just as I’m a partner to my guy, he’s a partner to me. I know I’ll get that break.

Until then I’ll aggressively caffeinate.

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who require days to recover from simple social engagements

You two are truly introverts! But your teamwork sounds good. At least the kids get to have time with both of you.


Definitely introverts. We do take care to make sure the kids get one on one time and both of us at the same time. It's tough, but good for all of us. <3

regards vote behind thank you.