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in life •  6 months ago

“Come on, let’s go drink ‘til we can’t feel feelings anymore!”
-Peter Griffin


All kidding aside, I do believe in second chances for most people. I think we live in an era here in social media where you’re innocent until proven guilty and it’s far easier to allow emotions to reign supreme over facts. It kind of disturbs me to see the social media mob blow things out of proportion before due process runs its course. I’ve seen people falsely accused of crimes in my life. It must have been hell to go through it for those people. I just hope the silent majority of people will bear in mind that good people screw up and do dumb things and if they’re caught, they can be held accountable and still re-enter society.

Has anyone else out there seen someone they know screw up massively, been for, then goes on to succeed massively after being forgiven?

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