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Would you like to know why the american dream is dying? Do you want to know how the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power is killing the dream? Well, I recently viewed a documentary called “Requiem For The American Dream” that explains how it’s done.

Requiem For The American Dream

The documentary stars Noam Chomsky who states his case for how the bulk of American wealth and influence has been transferred to the hands of the few.

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Chomsky looks back on his own life of activism and political participation. The documentary is personal and thought provoking. It’s based around interviews that were filmed over a four year period.

Throughout this time Chomsky unpacks the principles that have brought the United States to the crossroads of historically unprecedented inequality tracing half of century of policies designed to favor the most wealthy at the expense of the majority.

He outlines the 10 principles of the concentration of wealth and power. As he breaks these 10 principles down throughout the documentary it states his case and why he says the american dream is dying.


I must say that I enjoyed this documentary. It’s interesting to me how someone can see what’s really happening while the masses cant. Now that he stated his case. I wonder if it’s going to make a difference and if it does how improvements are going to be made …

You should view this documentary if you maintain hope in a shared stake in the future. The documentary can be viewed on Netflix. Enjoy! ...

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