It's Been 12 Days Since My Last Post ...

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It's Been 12 Days Since ... 640 x 270px.png

LOL … It reads like I’m confessing to something bad. Yes, It’s been 12 days since my last post. Considering that the goal is to create a post every day. It’s bad.

I advice others to get at least one post done per day and yet I find it challenging to get it done myself.

Last week was brutal. You see I freelance in the IT and digital marketing space as well. Steemit blog is currently like a side hustle for me.

Over and above that we had some renovations done to our home and it also took up a fair amount of my time ...

2 Challenges On Steemit

I have noticed the following 2 challenges on Steemit …

Challenge 1

When it started off Steemit’s platform success was pegged on the notion that it would become a platform where users just post content for the joy of it like Reddit with the financial gain being just a second thought.

This would create excitement and lure in, even more, users which would continually grow the user base. However, the posts seems to be commercially oriented with people only posting the content that is likely to make them money from upvotes.

Challenge 2

The other issue is its accommodation of new users. When one becomes a new user and posts content, this content is not likely to get any upvotes. When a more experienced user posts an exact replica of this content, they may end up making hundreds of dollars from it.

As much as this bodes well for the experienced users, it discourages new users from becoming active users and they can end up as just a huge group of users who never transact or post on the site. This could lead to its demise if a solution is not quickly resolved.

I came across a few interesting statistics I would like to share with you. Now take into account the Steemit has 334 000+ registered users. How accurate these numbers are and how regularly they are updated is unknown to me. I got this from the website ...

Steem User Accounts.png

If you can't measure it, you can't calculate it and if you can't calculate it you don’t know what working and what’s not ...

The following is a few graphs compiled by @arcange. I found this interesting.

New Users

New Users On Steemit Last 30 Days 680 x 8400.png

This chart shows the number of newly registered users on Steemit and how many of them became active. There seems to be a lot of accounts registered, but never used.

Take into account that the graphic is dynamic! A user can register one day and become active a few days later. This was the case for me. I registered in October and only started working it in November. Therefore, the number of active users on a specific date may change from day to day.

Number of Users On Steemit1680 x 8400.png

In this graph, the orange line shows the total number of registered accounts.

The green line shows how many of them have been active at least once (by active users, I mean those who made at least one post, comment or upvote). They are included even if they become inactive later.

Active Users Last 30 days

These graphs show the activity of users over time and in more details for the last 30 days. They use the same definition for active user as stated above.

Active Users 1680 x 8400.png

Active Users 2 1680 x 8400.png

3. Active Users Per Month 1680 x 8400.png

The last graph is a monthly summary of the active users.

So in short we have just under 500 000 registered user account and on average around 30 000 active users. This seems to change from month to month …

Growing Followers On Steemit

According to the stats I would say that there is a problem onboarding new users, getting them active and consistent. I think this is the reason why …

Creating good quality content for your Steemit page is time consuming.
You need to increase the amount of followers you have which is also time consuming.

The more quality followers you have the more engagement you will have and the more money you should make.

Now I have been part of Steemit for just under 2 months and I must say. You are going to have to work it for a minimum of 2hr per day in order to grow it and make it work .

You will need to be:

  • Persistent creating and engaging ...
  • Patient because this is going to take time ...
  • Positive to keep the energy levels high ...

This is it from me for now. Drop me a comment below. I would like to see what others think about this.

To my fellow Steemians,
Thanks for being here. You're awesome and I appreciate you …

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I have been a member of Steemit for about 6 months now. For the layman, it is a very complicated and confusing site. In order for mass adoption, I believe things need to be simplified. Loving DTube though!! Just my humble opinion. I am not a huge blogger at all (although I love to write), so have not buckled down and forced myself to truly grasp the way it all works here. I'm 57, but my attention span has been shortened as much as the next person. I AM however an avid crypto investor and see the value of Steem and Steemit, for financial gain, as well as the more important need for decentralization of all things in this world! Thanks for the great info in this post, your hard work on it is appreciated.


Agreed @zenprogressive. I have been on Steemit for 5 months now and STILL feel like there is a steep learning curve. As much as I want to write every day, I cannot if I want to also have quality posts.

I will have to check out your posts since I am not "an avid crypto investor" but would like to learn more. :-)

Thanks @shaunbeingsocial for a great post!

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Hello @shaunbeingsocial,

Thank you very much for this good advice and tips for us newcomers. It is not easy to post everyday and be an active user. But I am trying.

By the way, I am glad you liked my first chapter, and I have just posted the second today. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Saw your post on the chat. Upvoted 😉