#HHG11 theme culture and tradition: “Saree” A Beautiful Attrie Of India.

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Do you know what is the name of this attire?
The attire is called “Saree”. Saree is a Indian attire for female from Indian subcontinent. It’s a long and unstitched grament, length (4.5 metre to 8 metre) and in breadth (60 cm to 1.2 m). This is typically wear with blouse (petticoat) from starting waist to one end draped from shoulder and exposing midriff. Saree is most known culture of India and globally well known attire.

There are many type of sarees, such as Kanjipurm, silk, cotton, gotapati, Banarsi, georgatte, polyester, Chanderi, printed, Bandani (tie and dye), Kantha work, Pashmina Silk, embroidered work, and many more.

These are some of this different sarees which I’m going to share here:



Cotton Saree


Gotta Patti Work Saree


Bandhani Saree


Silk Saree


Pashmina Work Saree


Kantha Work Saree


Banarsi Saree


Saree looks elegant and best outfit to wear in parties, work, own weddings, friends wedding or on red carpet. There are many ways to drape Sarees now a days. Women do try different ways of draping the 6 or 9 yard grament in beautiful, neat and many stylish way.

Duppata Style Saree


Doti Style Saree


Tribal Style Saree


Modern Style Saree


Belted Style Saree


And so many other way of style this beautiful attire. Hope you guys like my Indian culture clothing post for #HHG11 theme.

Thanks and Take care till the next post.
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Photo source : Pinterest and Instagram


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Beautiful!! thanks for curating these beautiful Saree photos!


Thank you so much @efongym for liking my post. I appreciate it much. Take care

Hello @shanu, This is really so attractive for women. Thank you very much for sharing different type of shareee which is your traditional cloth.

In 2015, i went to India. I turned 23 days in India. I saw many types of sharee in rajastan. I bought a few of them and my friends also. It was really amazing for me.


Hi @sharif, I’m glad to meet you. You are my as neighbour as you live in Bagaladesh. You know very well that how beautifully does our Indian women carry sarees?
Rajsthan is my native place and jaipur is so clean and beautiful city to visit. You really get so many beautiful sarees their, They are specialise of Bandhani Sarees.I’m sure you must have enjoyed your trip to Rajsthan. I really appreciate your visit to my post. Take care and stay blessed!

Hiii shanu!!! This is beautiful, I think this has been my favorite post from you. I love Sarees, they are so colorful and elegant. My love is from India, so your culture has a special place in my heart because of him.


Hi @mbell, finally you are back, good to know you love for sarees, definitely, they look so elegant and I feel you will look so beautiful in Saree if you wear it. Thanks for having special corner in your heart for India,I’m so delighted to hear that. Take care and stay blessed!

There is a similarity between our Bangladeshi Saree and Indian Saree. Many of them we get here, but some indian sarees are so gorgeous that is not available in Bangladesh. There are many people go to india from Bangladesh only for marketing. We do have a gorgeous saree's category named Jamdanee Saree


Yes @aaarif, there are many similarities in our culture as we are not much far away from each other. Definitely, India has many type of saree and they are so gorgeous but now I got to know one more Saree category about Bagaladesh “Jamdanee Saree” I will search and see it too. Thank you for sharing about it @aaarif.

Hi Shanu, Greetings from #HHG11! The best post and my favorite so far. My choice of Saree will be that pink silk saree and Kantha work. All very beautiful, great choice of sarees and for this great blog, here's my 100% upvote. Hope you will continue to post great culture blog and wishing you a pleasant day :D


Hi Ainie, I’m feeling better, I tried to write a post and I feel great to know you love it so much. I’m happy that you liked some of these Sarees. Thank you for your 100% upvote, you made my day. I’m trying to be active and would write some good post about Indian culture and tradition. Lots of hugs to you too.😊😘

Nice post Shanu...Saree is special dress...and it is not easy to wear those five meter long dress....And in my place Saree is the dress of bride during main function...

There is one more item not that famous..A traditional kerala Set Saree...Do u heard about it..Google it when free

Nice to meet you again..Stay blessed


Hello, how are you doing? Where were you?
Yes, @anglro Draping Sare is not really easy, women who are confident and wearing sarees from years, they only can carry Saree very well, this is the reason I wore this attire only once. I love sarees they look beautiful and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing one more name of Saree I didnt know about it. I would search and see for sure. Take care and waiting for your cultural post. Stay blessed!

Hi @shanu, firstly sorry to hear you were not well, I am glad you are doing better, yet I'm sure you have a bit of recovery to do. All the best for that.

When I see these beautiful saris the little Indian inside me starts to dance, (Bollywood style!). I prefer the traditional style saris but I feel the newer ones are more practical for everyday use!


Yeah, I’m fine now.. I’m trying do to better but still long way to go. Thank you that like my work and I have ability to make you dance.😂 so, ready to dance more because I’m going to post more about India. Thanks a lot and take care.


My little Indian inside says thank-you, and looking forward to your Indian Posts!

Hello my girly girl! More and more pretty thingy's to see. Brilliant and pretty. Just what I love. A beautiful sari can make a girl feel pretty and romantic! What do you say? I haven't worn a sari yet but i love to wear sarong's in different styles...


Thanks for the amazing compliment, you made me so happy Philinda. You are very sweet person. Yeah, must be looking hottie by wearing sarong, should try Saree too, I’m sure you will look great. Thank you for making me do even better in my next post. Take care and stay blessed!


Thank you sweetie, you're most welcome! I will take pics one day ( we I feel brave enough of the different styles of my Sarongs)...

hello @shanu, excellent work I like the silks, and the one of modern cut, the diversity of fabrics, colors and the adornments used in the confection are beautiful, thank you for sharing your culture.
I leave the comment in the group: # HHG11


Great to see you have notice beautiful things of saree, their work of thread, fabric and colour. Thank you @rvag5 I’m happy my post could grab your attention and happy for your amazing compliment. Stay blessed and happy!

as usual postings about saree always make me fall in love. I've been told to you @shanu
saree seems to be the identity of the women in india, they all look very beautiful wearing saree.


Yes, @poocut how can I forget that you love Sarees so much. Saree is most traditional culture of India, you can say it’s identity of India. Thank you for appreciating once again. Stay blessed!