Wake up Neo... knock knock

in life •  6 months ago

Are you still living a bunker? Still writing out cheques? Carrying your type-writer with you (you gotta love those though)?

It amazes me how people are ignorant towards technology and towards change:

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength"
George Orwell

People are blindly denying the fact that the world is changing.
AI \ VR \ AR \ Blockchain \ Cyber physics etc... doesn't mean anything for them. They really believe that the world isn't going to change.

The blockchain is one of those technologies that really bugs the conservatism in some people. They blindly believe in the FIAT system, and think that digital money is as absurd as the following video:

Hope you enjoyed it. Keeping it short today =)

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LOL that is an absolute classic video and sadly I can see people applying the same logic to new technologies.