SMILE FOR ME (an original poem)

in life •  2 years ago


The smile she gave me
The look in her eyes,
That image is dimming
Mirrors are broken apart.

Ashtray over the top,
The floor full of empties.
Empty shelves in my fridge
Stone cold milk and some spirits.

Spirits of us flowing away,
Away far to distance.
I have to forget
But dreams, do betray me.

One more kiss in my dreams.
That day I shall see her,
That look once again
And the smile she gave me.

Image Source:
Salvador Dali - Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening – Edited Here

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A rift was very quiet, no noise, such as the kung fu in slow motion. That's what I've tried to understand. But, I am not so clever to understand what is actually felt by the poet. Anyway I like the rhythm of his heart.


The readers understanding is more importan than what the author meant )


Thank you, sir .. I'm just afraid of what I said that can offend you. But, you now have breathed air into my brain so that he can understand better. 🙂

I love the last line of the second paragraph. This sings to me, thank you for sharing


Thanks for reading


Very nice sound. I'm glad you were able to find your own way of phrasing such an exhausted message. Check out some of my poetry! I'm only 16, but I'm sure you'll find some similarities between our writing.


Sure thing man, seems cool, following you

@serejandmyself Hey, that is very beautiful! It somehow reminded me of Turkish poems that I used to read. It has this rhytm. Nice way to repeat the same fragments on the first verse of each stanza!


Thanks! Can you reference me to those please? Would love to read