HOW TYPICAL (an original poem)

in life •  2 years ago


The creation had ceased;
Jumped onto red, without the yellow.
A gallon of ice freezing water
Had been poured over my head.

I battled for sky castles;
I conquered just anguish...
No trust, no emotion,
All perished and died.

Who had that sick sense of humor?
All vanished at once,
Turned into stardust.
The stream had been blocked.

A line of white painted over my heart;
The crows gathered to eat my vegetable love.
What's going on? Is it over?
Yes. It is done!

I am sad, but I am free!
I am angry and happy.
I am flying…
With cut down wings.

Farewell my sweet Lady.
I shall never forget:
Your look and your touch
And your love most of all.

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Interesting and Sad, Thank You.


You most welcome!

uovoted and followed


You are welcome.

Wonderful work. A sad story but very well composed :)


Thanks once again

The emotions clash, I guess, and time to get drunk from the cup of longing.
But forgive me if I was wrong.


Thank you so much, sir.